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Of soup and lumps

I seem to have been moderately busy the last couple of days, and have more stuff to do tomorrow. Yesterday I had a visit from miss_next and offered lunch. After some deliberation, I decided to try out the recipe for butterbean and rosemary soup - which I made without the spinach. All went well until it came to blending it in the food processor, which turned out to be less than watertight when dealing with something near-liquid. The first attempt, with the bowl fairly full, was like a moment from a sitcom, with soup spraying out in all directions. Eventually, with the bowl just less than half full, and by pulsing the bowl in brief bursts, rather than going for a sustained spin, I managed to get two bowls of soup done. It tasted OK. but there was a lot of mopping up involved. Later on, I did the rest of the soup in two batches, and put it in the freezer.
 I had some celery left over from making this soup, and so will have a go at celery soup in the next couple of days.

I took Skiffle to the vet today, with a lift from mouschtie  - thank you. I'd noticed a small lump on Skiffle's back a few weeks ago. It wasn't growing, but I mentioned it to Helen who said it was worth checking for other lumps, as they'd have cats with breast cancer which spread into other lumps. I couldn't find anything up with Skiffle at the time, a couple of weeks before Xmas, but on New Year's Eve, I felt a definite lumpiness spreading around one nipple. So the vet gave her a thorough feel, and took her to another one to confirm his opinion. He reckons that it's not a tumour, but a fatty mass - pointing out that she's quite fat around her thighs and lower belly. (She's lost weight from what she was, honest !) So almost certainly not cancer, but I have to take her back in 6 weeks just to see if anything's changed. So feeling very relieved, but still remembered to ask him to check her teeth, as she's about 12 years old now. Happily, he said her teeth were perfect. Oh, and the lump on her back isn't anything significant. Helen had said it may just be something warty, and she does have a wart on her ear.

And this morning got my tickets to the ballet. I'm going with Helen next Wed to see the Nutcracker. It'sperformed  the same company I saw doing The Nutcracker 7 years ago, so I expect it to be just as lovely. I'm not a big ballet fan, but the Nutcracker is a pretty bit of fluff, with fab, sparkly costumes and sets. I'm looking forward to it.

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