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Self Abuse

I'm sure the amount of food I've eaten in the last couple of days counts as stomach abuse. I could have eaten more - techincally - but I'm glad I didn't.

Wed was the open house at the Nightingales. No barbeque or waffles, but still plenty to go around. It was lovely to see people, and my first look at baby T. Mum's new hairdo was fab, even if I didn't get round saying so at the time. I took along another old sindy horse (bought via ebay but surplus to my collection), so the girls could have one each to play with. It met with an accident from an over-excited B, but superglue and maybe a pin should fix it. I made two horse blankets, using some of the fabric I still have left over from making medieaval costume for Phil H to wear to the Nightingale wedding. It was the right kind of fabric and seemed a nice touch. The blankets really could do with fastenings under the belly, as well as across the chest, but the 2.5m binding strip I bought was almost entirely used up in just edging the two 1:6 size blankets. I thought I'd have plenty over for fastenings !

Last night, New Year's Eve, was spent with the D&D group, minus Jill, plus Asha's husband, Colin, former members, Iain and Vikki, and a random German acquaintaince of Iain's from the university, who had nowhere else to go. A nice chap called Tim, who does something invovling lasers.
  We managed to get all 10 around a table in Chris' dining room - this being a standard Sheffield terrace house with off-shot kitchen, so quite an achievement. First course was nibbles supplied by Iain - mini pork pies, sausages on sticks, pigs in blankets, little mushrooms and cheese sticks. This was followed by my cauliflower cheese soup, with Chris' homemade bread rolls. There were little cubes of Double Gloucester to drop in the soup ofr extra cheesy goodness.
  The first main course was a dainty portion of Chris' lamb casserole, followed by Steve's Sicilian lemon lamb with gluten free pasta (because of Asha). Evenyone except me thought this was a little too lemony, but it got eaten. Last main course dish was Ven's meatballs with sweet potato mash and tomato and basil sauce.
  After a relatively brief pause, we launched into dessert. The heavyweight offering was Helen's excellent sticky toffee pudding, with a choice of either treacle sauce, butterscotch sauce or good vanilla ice cream - or some combination of the three.  The pudding had dates in, so that made it kind of healthy, right ? Asha provided a squidgy, berry-topped cheesecake and profiteroles, with extra vanilla cream. I had cheesecake, and more assorted sauces, cream etc, but declined the profiteroles.

After that we retired to the sitting room, where there were small bowls with assorted nibbles. I had a handful of raisins, and a single chocolate from a box that Viikki brought, because it had been in her store cupboard and needed using up. We put Jools Holland on for the midnight bongs, and switched over to see the fireworks on the London Eye, which was spectacular. Very soon after, people the party broke up with yawns and muttering about getting middle-aged.

I have a portion of soup left, with a bread roll and some cheese cubes, which I shall have shortly. No doubt the chocolates and other snacky stuff that was left over will be appearing at the game on Sunday.

So all round, it was a pleasant, and filling New Year.



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1st Jan, 2009 20:16 (UTC)
Horse is mended sucessfully!

2nd Jan, 2009 10:54 (UTC)
The soup sounds fantastic, may I trouble you for the reciepe?
2nd Jan, 2009 13:27 (UTC)
The recipe is online here:

Enjoy !
2nd Jan, 2009 14:39 (UTC)
Great, thank you :)
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