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Xmas in Norfolk

I had a pleasant  Xmas day yesterday. Opened presents with Mum and Dad in the morning. The one's I'd given were appreciated, especially Dad's. I'd found some books about Littleborough and Hollingworth Lake which were delightfuly nostalgic for him. I spent some time looking at the Littleborough book with him, asking questions about his past, and got some family history straight I'd not known before. Mum was born and raised in Rochdale till she was about 12, when her parents separated and she came to Littleborough with her mother and sister. Dad was actually raised in the hamlet of Calderbrook, which is on the moor tops above Littleborough, which is where he had his higher education, and worked. Both started work at 14, because the families needed money, though both could have stayed on in education until they were 16. Dad showed me which cotton factory in the photos was the one where Mum had worked, and even though he was a qualified carpenter and joiner, when they were married, Mum was earning more than him in the cotton mill.

After this interesting bout of family history, we went over to my brother Chris and family for the rest of the day. More presents, then dinner of roast lamb, by way of a change. For dessert there was Xmas pudding with brandy sauce, or Vienetta. I had the pudding, then had a piece of Vienetta with more brandy sauce, which was good. After that we slumped in front of the telly to watch Dr Who and much Wallace and Gromit. Altogether a pleasant, and rather fillings day.

I've been making myself useful, while at my parent's house, by sorting some gadgetry for them. I've got Dad's fancy weather station thingie to display its readings in fahrenheit, rather than centigrade, and today I hooked up the old video player so Mum can watch her Gilbert and Sullivan tapes. If she can find them, that is. She couldn't find the gravy boat this lunchtime. They've been in this house nearly a year now, and a lot of things are still packed somewhere in boxes, or else have been put 'somewhere' and no one can remember where.

Chris and family should be coming over for tea today. Ayjy unsurprisingly, has already asked my permission to vanish into this room so he can watch Sky and play on the computer. He's doing one day a week at college to learn catering, and made the leek and potato soup we had for starter yesterday. There was even a garnish - it tasted good and looked very professional. I@m currently making the most of a quiet afternoon to faff on the computer and carry on reading Christo[her Lee's autobiography.
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