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Christmas Evenin' All

A less active day today. I spent some time in the morning transforming an assortment of bits into four pairs of earrings. New pretties to wear !

After lunch, went into Wymondham town centre. Had a chat with the fellow who runs the lovely bookshop on Town Green. He always has a bowl of sweets out for customers to help themselves at Xmas, and for regular customers, tends to knock a bit off the total price of multiple purchases. Today I got 'Still Glides the Stream' - Flora Thompson's more fictionalised account of the life she wrote about in 'Lark Rise to Candleford', a book on the Harvey Girls, and Christopher Lee's autobiography. I like the original title, 'Tall, Dark and Gruesome' but that's been changed for later printings, for some reason.

It was only about 3:15 when I left the bookshop, but a lot of Wymondham had already closed for Xmas holidays. One place still open though was Woolies, which is one of the biggest stores in town. I was somewhat tempted by the reduced price Dr Who toys, but there wasn't anything I really liked enough to want cluttering up the flat. I was perusing the pic and mix when I spotted a couple of plain cardboard boxes on a nearby, otherwise empty shelf. These boxes had 2 kilo bags of sweets for the pic and mix, being offered as complete items. I love the peppermint creams with a hint of menthol and got the whole 2k for £3.70. Given that this stuff normaly retails for around 60p/100g, I'd say that's a bargain. I've put some into a bowl in the living room to be shared - I want to get some of the 2k eaten before I have to put it in my suitcase and lug it home. If you like Menthise peppermint creams, I've got some spare...

Happy Xmas to you all.

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