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Auld Acquaintance

I made my usual pre-Xmas trip into Norwich today, but this time I had company. About a month ago, I got a message from Louise Gregory, a high school friend I haven't seen in about 20 years. She's back in the Norwich area now and we arranged to meet up. We seem to have swapped dress sizes, as she's now very slim and elegant, and her bright red hair is now a strawberry blonde colour. There were some gaps in the conversation, but we still liked one another and still laughed at the same things. We visited Lakeland first, where I got some large Klippits for me, and some other sizes for Mum, as I felt her kitchen needed them. After that, we wandered about the market, stopping at a bookstall that's been there for donkey's years. I found a book on Anglia tv programmes and managed to identify a children's programme that I remembered, but couldn't remember the title of - The Romper Room. I was never on the programme, but I did meet the presenter, Miss Rosalyn, when she gave me a prize I won in a competition organized by Viyella, a clothing company.

We wandered on to Pottergate, and paused for lunch in a little cafe, which had high tables, and smallish, high stools you had to clamber up to sit in. Not really designed for the short or the generous of arse. Still, the Chinese style duck and hoy sin sauce wrap I had was tasty. I showed Louise some photos from high school days that's I'd brought, and we giggled over the fashions and discussed what we knew of our friends from back then,

Next stop was the companion shop to Head In The Clouds - Feet On The Ground. It sells lovely Chinese shoes and velvet slippers and the like. It also has jewellery fixings, and I went in to get some earring hooks as spares/replacements. I got seduced by some lovely and inexpensive beads while I was there, and came away with the doings for 5 pairs of earrings. Though, maddeningly, I've just seen that the two pale Carnelianish ones are quite the same - one is circular in cross-section, and and the other has four flattened faces. I don't really want to have to go back into Norwich just to change a bead worth 50p, but I hate that they're not the same.
  We then went into Head In The Clouds itself, which claims to be Britain's oldest surviving head shop. I got an orange velvet shirt from the bargain bin, and Louise fell in love with a crocheted poncho with a hood, which did look very good on her. She didn't buy it, but made a note of how many they had - she may be back after Xmas.
  We went into Castle Mall - sensibly tucked out of sight underground, and visited Millies Cookies for a late afternoon snack, as I'd printed off some vouchers. We each had a hot drink and a lemon meringue muffin for a grand total of £2.49. 5 more assorted vouchers to use up by the end of February :)

It was lovely to see her again, and I picked up some lovely things. Had a good lie down when I got home, and watched 'Ratatouille' in the evening, which I haven't managed to see before.


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24th Dec, 2008 01:59 (UTC)
Heh. The main thing I remember about Ratatouille was forgetting that it was computer-generated so much that at one point the subconscious cinema geek in me was being impressed by the length and complexity of the tracking shot which followed Remy through the kitchen.

It was when it hit my conscious mind that I should take note to see how long the shot kept going for, that I suddenly did a mental double-take and remembered that long, complex tracking shots are trivial in CG films. That was when I was in awe of Pixar.

Heck, Ratatouille is a good film, I've always enjoyed Pixar's stuff, and The Incredibles has worked its way into my top 10 movies of all time; but when they fool my subconscious like that, that's just a whole nother level of technical awesome.
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