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22nd Dec, 2008

I travelled to Norfolk yesterday to stay with my parents for Xmas. I managed to miss the specific train I was booked on, as there was a looooong wait for a bus, and not a taxi to be seen. I know it was a Sunday, but it was still a long gap. As time was running out, Fate taunted me by first sending past a bus that didn't go where I wanted, and then one that was out of service. Of course the train I wanted was on time, and not conveniently 15 minutes late, so had to buy a hideously expensive single ticket for the next one. The only bright side was that the train I took was almost empty, and there was plenty of room, as well as being very quiet. Trains running around Xmas can be a nightmare, as there are about 6 suitcase spaces for every 40 or so passengers. So when there's a full train of people carrying an average of one suitcase each, there's a problem.

This is the first time I've seen the bungalow properly done up and looking lived in. They've squeezed a bed into the study for me, which means I have the computer and the telly with Sky in my room :) My nephew, AyJy, usually spends a lot of time in here, but he can't really, while I'm here, so we might see less of him than usual. They've had the plans to turn the garage into a third bedroom approved now, so Dad's building a second shed to store the junk currently in the garage. Mum worries that he'll hurt himself, as he's 80 now, and a bit fragile, but he needs to be doing something - can't sit still for too long.


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22nd Dec, 2008 23:56 (UTC)
Personally I would've got on the next train and just shown them the ticket for the train you missed. They usually don't have a problem with it if the train has seats available.
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