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This evvening I went to the annual Spitewinter concert in Sheffield cathedral, one of the Xmas concerts by the Sheffield Folk Chorale. Three of the four who came to dinner on Sun were there - Vikki is an alto in the choir, and Steve and Helen were stewarding. The choir perform a selection of unusual carols and songs, some old and some new. This year's selection included a gospel carol from Louisiana, a song about travellers by Ewan McColl, songs based on poems and Longfellow and Hardy, and traditional songs from the 16th century.
  It's a very good mix, with a scattering of humour. This year they sang 'The Carollers from Hell', written by the choirmaster. It's sung to the tune of 'Ding Dong Merrily on High'; the first verse runs:

Ding Dong, ringing at the bell. Who can it be that's calling ?
It's the carollers from hell. The prospect is appalling !
Oh spare us those halos. And endless weak solos. And Santa's Ho-Ho hosanna in excelsis.

For once, the cathedral was warm - too warm for a teenaged alto, who was nervous and tired from studying for exams. She fainted during the first verse of White Shepherd, and was taken away to be revived. She was none to worse for it. though she sat out the rest of the concert.

There was an interesting version of 'Silent Night'. The first verse was sung in German, and repeated as the third verse. Second and fourth verses were in English, but decidedly pagan in tone. Verse four is:

Silent night, Solstice night, Quiet rest till the Light
Turning ever the rolling Wheel, Brings the Winter to comfort and heal
Rest your spirit in peace. Rest your spirit in peace.

I wore my wreath earrings with the flashing leds, though I didn't turn them on until after the concert. They made people smile, which was nice. It was a sold out show and deserved to be. I've been to about four of the Spitewinter concerts now, and they are highly recommended.


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19th Dec, 2008 10:44 (UTC)
Awesome icon!
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