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The dinner party is over, and went well. Roast lamb, mashed potatoes, sprouts, excellent gravy and roasted, herbed root vegetables - carrot, red onion and parsnip. I took a pic of the three different colours of carrots before cooking: orange, purple and yellow:

Dessert was the Kendal Mint Cheesecake, which was a) quite large, and b) very good. I discovered late this afternoon that instead of plain plain chocolate, I'd accidentally bought flavoured plain. It was the Maya Gold with orange flavouring and (irritatingly unspecified) spices. So instead of making a chocolate sauce topping, I just grated a little over the cheesecake. I think we ate less than half, in spite of two out of three people having seconds. I was planning to take the rest of D&D tomorrow, but as it's Steve's birthday and Gill's too (or close enough) there will probably be at least two cakes anyway.
 Anyone want to come over and eat Kendal Mint cheese cake ? Seriously - there's quite a bit left.

I dug out a game that Iain and I enjoyed playing with friends, a decade or two back - Screen Play. It combines movie trivia and charades and you play in teams. Iain once gave the clue "Nice young man with a worm problem", to which I correctly answered "Kevin Bacon". This time, after Helen remarked that the three women massed about the same as the two men, we played in teams of men vs women. The women won :)

I handed out presents, and Helen gave out presents from herself and Steve. One of mine is small, and may be jewellery; the other is large and squashy, and may be a cushion, or lightweight jumper. Vikki will be handing out presents at the Spitewinter concert on Thursday, which we'll all be at. The concert has already sold out, so it's just as well I had Vikki get me a ticket - she's an alto in the Sheffield Folk Chorale who perform at the concert.


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