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Get set...

Spent today doing stuff for dinner party tomorrow. I didn't manage to make the Kendal Mint Cheesecake, so shall have to do that in the morning. I had a frozen leg of lamb I intended to use for dinner, but when I got it out to defrost, I discovered it was a half leg - plenty for three, but a bit on the skimpy side for five. Decided to look in the Co-op, as I had to go there anyway. It's only a small shop, and the fresh meat choice is limited. Fortunately, they had some whole legs of lamb in, and half price too. Still put a bit of a dent in the wallet, since I hadn't intended to be buying meat, but it's a good, generous size.
   Stopped at Beanies next for veg. I got potatoes for mash, sprouts as the greenery, and some roots to roast: red onions, parsnips, 2 orange carrots, 1 purple carrot and 1 yellow carrot. Dinner should be colourful :) The purple carrot is orange in the centre, which will look interesting when I cut it into large chunks for roasting. Beanies had boxes of clementines with plenty of leaves still attached, so I took some leaves. A few are in the bowl with the coloured pine cones, and the rest are in a little brass dish on top of the storage heater, hopefully releasing some of their citrus smell into the air. They look nice, anyway.

I made a muslin earring holder for Helen's present (which is mostly why I didn't have time to do the cheesecake). It's smaller than mine, as she probably has fewer earrings to hang on it. (Maybe I should have made something larger and a little sturdier for her cat brooches - Helen has a lot of cat brooches). I edged the muslin with a wide, French blue ribbon and plaited pale purple embroidery thread to hang it with. I spent more time unravelling the loose ends of the threads than I did plaiting them. I don't like plaiting long things as they tangle so much. Grrrrr. When the holder was done, I attached a pair of earrings to it - dark purply stone with glittery finish.

I then wrapped all the presents for those coming to dinner, plus a couple of others for friends, and put them under the tree. Hopefully, I'll have time to wrap family presents tomorrow, so those can go under the tree too and look festive for my guests. I drew little Xmassy things on the inside of each gift tag with metallic and glittery pens - holly leaf, Xmas tree, bells, shooting star,and tinsel.

The flat is very sparkly and Xmassy with all the decorations up. Here's some of them:

The hall mirror, with part of the staircase reflected. I love this

The bathroom window is the only one that looks into the street so it's where I like to hang this lovely glass wreath. I used to put the Xmas window stickers on the window in the living room, but some usually slide off. Then I have to sqeeze behind the tree to replace them. and I can't reach high enough. I put the stickers on the bathroom window instead, last year and like it, so doing the same this year.

And Santa goes (wild) West. It's a cowboy action figure, Johnny West, with a wagon full of toys (tree ornaments), and his horse, Thunderbolt, wearing pipe-cleaner antlers.

There will be more picspam of tree and decorations soon(ish)/


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14th Dec, 2008 09:07 (UTC)
The ear ring holder sounds like some thing I need, how do you make it? I collect broaches, mostly of flying things now but originally of any broach that caught my fancy and I made a display board for them out of a dirt cheap cork notice board, some quilting wadding and golden fake fur, both of which were in my craft stash, all you do is put the wadding on the board and stretch the material over both and staple it to the back. I made one for Beth too but I used black velvet for her, an old,old skirt I cut up, as she collects marquisette broaches and they show up magnificently against the black. Having learned by my mistakes on mine I didn't pull the material tight on hers so she can do her broaches up in stead of just sticking them in like pins in a pin cushion.
15th Dec, 2008 01:27 (UTC)
The earring holder is very simple. There's a photo of mine in one of the entries tagged 'earrings' on my lj.

I used a rectangle of Egyptian muslin (Helen's is 15"x18"). Buy wide ribbon in whatever colour you like and fold it in half round 3 sides to enclose and conceal the raw edge of the muslin and stitch. Turn the last edge down about an inch, tucking the raw edge under, and stitch, leaving the ends of the folded part open. This makes a channel you can push a length of dowelling through, leaving about an inch of dowel protruding from each end. Take a piece of embroidery thread, ribbon etc about 1 1/2 times the length of the dowel and tie either end to the ends of the dowel, so you've got something to hang the muslin with.

Looking at the photo in the entry should make things fiarly clear. I'm sure you can figure out how to put one together from the description and picture.
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