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Fudging the issue

Went into town today to do some shopping. Iain and Vikki and Steve and Helen are coming for dinner on Sunday evening. I was pleased to get the second Poole veg dish to match the one I got in October, so now have a pair for being posh when serving.

The seller had included the dish in a lot with a coffee service, which seemed to be an odd combination. Yes, they all matched, but a coffee set and a single veg dish aren't a combination you're likely to want often. So I emailed and said if the lot didn't sell, I'd buy the dish alone for the start price.

I'd decided to do a cheesecake for dessert - it's relatively light, and can be prepared in advance. I thought of doing vanilla with chocolate pieces, so was searching t'net this morning looking for basic recipes. And I found this recipe for Kendal Mint Cheesecake. So that's what we're having. You're supposed to use mint Viscount biscuits for the base, but the smallish Somerfield in town didn't have any, so I got digestives instead. I figured that the rest is rich and sweet enough that a plain base will be good. (According the recipe, the biscuits should be 'ashed'; I think a letter went missing somewhere). I won't be making the port sauce, as I don't have any port.

The challenge was to find the Kendal Mint cake in the town centre. I stopped at the sweet stall at the Xmas market. They didn't have any, but i did buy some cherry brandy fudge, and some marzipan fudge. Wandered down Fargate, enjoying the market, and popped into thornton's on the off-chance of mint cake. Met aunty_cis , who smelt deliciously of Lush products. She told me that one of Lush's founders was in the shop today, talking to the customers, and giving out free stuff. Cis had been lucky enough to get something. Thornton's didn't have any mint cake, but they did have 25% off everything, so I bought some small bags of treacle toffee as pressies for as-yet unspecified folk. I popped into Lush and identified the founder, but didn't get any free stuff :(

  There was a stall selling jewellery of fimo animals that I liked a lot. It's just as well I didn't have much cash, as otherwise I'd have bought the highland cow earrings. I made my way  down Fargate, and tried the camping/outdoor shop on the High Street (Blacks ?). Bingo - they had Kendal Mint Cake, and a friendly assistant, who like the idea of the cheesecake. From there it was a move over the road to T J Hughs, for a pair of serving spoons to serve the veg from my nice dishes with. I got a pair of black ones by Prestige, though being sold for £1.99 at T J Hughes doesn't seem very prestigious to me.

So, tomorrow I make the cheesecake and try to remember to take the lamb out of the freezer.


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13th Dec, 2008 08:13 (UTC)
That is a lovely serving dish, the colour is just so me, mine are the ones my mother bought years ago in white with maroon trim. We have a TJ Hughes in one of the out of town shopping areas in Newport, I love wandering around it but rarely buy any thing. T J Max is the place to go for high quality bargians, the only problem is they rarely have the same things twice. And Kendal mint cheese cake sound almost as yummy as the Baily's Irish cream Cheese cake I had last week. I understand they do a Baily's with a hint of mint now, I haven't tried it yet a it would mean buying a bottle and I'm saving that for my Christmas treat.
13th Dec, 2008 09:44 (UTC)
fab dish! I didn't get any Lush freebies either, drat!
13th Dec, 2008 13:46 (UTC)
The only proper serving dish I had was one Mum had passed on to me, which had got stained and sad over the years, and no longer had a lid. So I searched ebay for a nice replacement. I like Hornsea pottery, but their tureens/serving dishes are straight sided, without handles. I wanted something I could be sure of holding safely.
A lot of dishes are too floral or otherwise fancy for my taste, but I found some I liked by Poole and that particular design (Blue Moon, I think it is) I really liked.

Just treated myself to a piece of the cherry brandy fudge *nom*.
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