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6th Dec, 2008

Long shopping trip today. Gary suggested a supermarket trip, and though I had a delivery on Thurs. I said OK, especially as I use tesco online and he wanted to visit Asda. So opportunity to look around somewhere different, and lots of non-food items too. We were already on the Parkway when Gary suggested going to Matalan too, So after missing one turn off the Parkway (which is a dual-carriageway, so you're a bit limited), we managed to find our way way to the place we wanted.
  Had a good browse there, and came away with rather more than I'd intended to spend, though everything was pretty cheap, of course. A smart new oven glove, a new lightweight jumper, socks, knee socks, Xmas garland, pizza cutter, fleecy slipper socks and two pairs of earrings, including these:
They are rather huge, and practically touch my shoulders, but as I told Gary, I can always hang them somewhere as ornaments. The photo unfortunately doesn't show the lovely sheen of the threads.

After a good while in Matalan, we moved off in search of our original objective of Asda. As usual, Gary missed the turning, and we had to go to the end of Parkway, and round the roundabout to come back down again. Not good, as I was dying for a pee. We both dropped off glass and plastic for recylcing, then went for a sit down in the cafe. I ordered the winter vegetable soup. which was good, and very reasonably priced. After food and two coffees each, we heaved ourselves up and ventured into the shop itself.
  The car park states you can stay for a maximum of 3 hours - given the size of the place, plus the cafe, that's not always long enough. We were there at least 4  hours altogether. For once, I didn't spent that much, as I did the online groceries the other day. I got mostly fruit, cider, cherry beer and some dessert-y things. Gary, however, stocked up. DVD's, cd's and booze. Lots of booze.

By the time we got back to mine, we were both shattered. Gary didn't come in, just dropped me off and drove home. I had a lie-down before doing anything other than feeding the cats.

It was a good trip, and I love my new earrings. Should be off to kelham Island tomorrow, with Helen, who offered a lift.


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6th Dec, 2008 05:25 (UTC)
Those earrings are gorgeous!
6th Dec, 2008 07:42 (UTC)
Very pretty! When you're not wearing them as earrings, you can always hang them on the Christmas tree. :-)
6th Dec, 2008 22:15 (UTC)
that did occur to me :) However, I am already thoroughly well-supplied with tree ornaments. And er... bought four more this year. One of which is a big, teardrop shaped velvet and braid affair from Wilkinsons that's rather reminiscent of those earrings.
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