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Local knowledge

After my abortive attempt to get Iain and Vikki over for dinner in Oct, they offered apologies and promised to invite me to theirs in return. This was scheduled for a week of so back but Vikki had to cancel as she had a bad throat and could barely speak aloud, After some more jiggery-pokery, and illness, they decided it would be easier to take me out for a pub meal, that have the hassle of trying to arrange a meal at home, when still recovering from severe colds.
 So tonight we went to The Castle, way to the south of the city, not far from Dore station. Vikki is American, though she's lived in the UK for a few years now. Her grasp of English idioms and life is pretty good, In some ways, she's clearly not a native. Roundabouts are one example. She's passed the UK driving test, and has been driving here for at least five years. Roundabouts though, are still a rather hairy experience. She's a lousy navigator too, so Iain recently got her a sat nav. He's left it with an American voice, which he thought would sound more familiar to her. It does tend to refer to roundabouts as 'rotaries' though, which caused some confusion. "Go straight across the rotary."

Once at the nice pub, we chose our food. It's not really cheap, but not at all unreasonable, and you do get generous portions, The desserts were actually all a little cheaper than usual. Vikki saw 'meat and potato pie' on the menu, and asked what the meat was. 'Beef' said Iain and I together (The landlady corrected us by saying it was steak). O f course 'meat' and potato pie could be any kind of meat: chicken, pork or lamb. But it it's meat-and-potato-pie, it's always beef. Which the two Brits knew, and the American didn't.

Once we'd finished eating, we lingered over drinks until chucking out time, which was nice. No need to leave once you've finished, as in a restaurant. They were most impressed to learn about Evie's pi party, and told me about a friend who announced the birth of his second child by telling everyone that V2.0 had been delivered.

Iain and Vikki, along with Steve and Helen are coming over soon for a pre-Xmas dinner. It took some effort to find a date which suited both couples. It would have been next Wed, the day after the Chiverseseseses come over to help put up my decorations, and eat. Which would have made things rather busy that week, especially as I have to go have a blood test done that Wed. This time it wasn't Vikki and Iain who couldn't do the set date, but Steve, who's works do rather belated declared that was their Xmas dinner date. Miraculously, we managed to reshcedule to the following Sunday. Si I'll not be running around like a mad thing and exhausting myself. Fingers crossed that both couples manage to show up for this meals....


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