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Job done

I just finished mending a skirt for a friend. It was a bit long, even on Ven, who's a respectable height, though nothing outstanding. She'd trodden on the hem (going upstairs, I think) and torn a hole about 8" long. She doesn't have a sewing machine, and I don't think she does any kind of sewing anyway, so she phone and asked it I'd do it

I've shortened the skirt by about 2 1/2", cutting out the torn section. It was a simple job, as the original hem was simply turned up once and sewn with a zigzag stitch to cover the edge and stop it from fraying. It's quite a full skirt, so there seemed to be a neverending length of hem to measure, pin and sew, but it's done fine now. My secondhand (or more), 70's machine did a decent job - it's been worth the £25 or so I paid for it, and whatever I paid the machine engineer to come look at it and fine tune it a bit, after I bought it. Not more than £20 I think I paid him, though that must have been about ten years ago.

So feeling satisfied at doing a good turn for a friend, and repairing something that should go on being useful and attractive for years. Only downside is that my right shoulder hurts now. Taking a deep breath sends pain from the back of shoulder up the back of my neck, and the rest of the time it just plain aches. Maybe it'll be better in the morning.


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