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Should have checked calendar

Having booked a week in Glasgow at the beginning ofr Feb, I realized a day later that I'd been planning to go to Redemption, which is at the end of the third week in Feb (my birthday weekend too). I can afford both, assuming I get the usual amount from my library loans payout at the beginning of Jan. It's just irriating to use most of the money on two holidays, and so close together.
 linda_joyce , am I right in thinking that you mentioned going to Redemption in the comments to one of your posts a little while ago ? I'd like to go anyway, but would be even more inclined of there was someone I knew going too.


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16th Nov, 2008 16:04 (UTC)
would it help if we all went and took your book out of the library?
16th Nov, 2008 16:56 (UTC)
Not for the payout this Jan, though thanks for the suggestion. The PLR year runs Jul-Jun, so this Jan I'll be getting paid for library loans from Jul 07-Jun 08.

Still, loans add up and get paid out eventually, so feel free to borrow any of my titles you find in the library. You could even read them :)
16th Nov, 2008 17:14 (UTC)
Oooooh, I don't know if I'd go that far!
16th Nov, 2008 16:55 (UTC)
Oh yes I'm going, come hell or high water, it's likely to be the only con I ever attend. The only thing that might stop me is heavy snow in South Wales but so long as I can get to a railway station I will be there.
16th Nov, 2008 16:57 (UTC)
Wooo - glad to hear it.
16th Nov, 2008 16:56 (UTC)
And tell me the name of your book and I will go and borrow it from both the library services I belong to, just to make sure you get enough loan money.
16th Nov, 2008 17:00 (UTC)
I've got about a dozen titles, plus large print editions, in libraries around the UK. You can get the details on my website - www.gillian-f-taylor.co.uk or search for my name on the library catalogues (Gillian F Taylor)and check for the correct publisher (Robert Hale's Black Horse Westerns)
Though see my reply to glitterybint re timing of payout.
16th Nov, 2008 17:03 (UTC)
I have never read a Western in my life, knowing an author of them I will give it a go.
16th Nov, 2008 17:25 (UTC)
Caerphilly has more of your books than Newport but I can't figure out how to reserve on line so requesting from them will have to wait until I can get into one of their libraries. So I've requested the first of your Darrow books from Newport and will get the others from Caerphilly if I like it.
16th Nov, 2008 23:21 (UTC)
Ah, yes, the Darrow and Keating books. I think there's something about those you'll enjoy :)
17th Nov, 2008 08:39 (UTC)
Knowing nothing about the content, apart from the fact it's a Western, it was the name that drew me.
And there's a Keating in there too, I am intrigued.
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