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There and back again

I had a nice time in town today. Helen P had a voucher for Cafe Rouge, so we met there at 10.30 for a late breakfast of croissants and such. Very tasty, though my coffee was destinctly tepid when it finally arrived (we were beginning to wonder if the waitress had forgotten our drinks order). After that pleasant start, we stopped by the librry so I could return some books. They'd been overdue, but although I don't have to pay fines for the books, I still had to pay 25p for the reminder letter for the short-term loan one. Oh, well.

We crossed the road to the Hallam University  to visit the bookfair. It was £1 entry, but Helen had free entry vouchers for it. We spent a good time pottering around. I bought a couple of local maps - repros of 1903 OS maps - which cover roughly from the university, out to Broomhill,. and up to Hillsborough, just about as far as Ed and Krissy's street. It's fascinating to study, and shows all the dams and reservoirs which are now parls and playing fields, I also got a book which appears to be a compliation of articles from the 30's explaining how to do various magic tricks. One of my western characters, Hugh Keating, is an accomplished conjourer and juggler, and I might be able to borrow some things for him when I write the next Darrow western. My other item was the book to go with the Victorian Country Kitchen tv series from a few years ago, which has good stuff on the kitchen and garden and a few recipes.

When we emerged again, it had stopped drizzling and was actually sunny. We stopped at Starbucks, to have a sit down and also because I wanted to try the dark cherry mocha, that dakegra  had recommended. I sprinkled a little cinnamon on the whipped cream, and it was very nice. When we'd recovered, we headed to Fargate to visit the craft market. I got a Xmas tree bauble, painted with a line of dancing Santas holding hands and doing high kicks. I also got a bottle of Cat Piss for Iain F's Xmas present. All the beers on the Direct Beers stall had suchlike names. I also spent a while in W H Smiths, searching for some letter paper, or notelets for Mum's gift, but as they had all the Xmas stuff in, there was only one set, and that had a damaged box. So I said good bye to Helen at the end of Fargate, caught a bus home, and had a good lie down when I got in.

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