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Go, go Glasgow

As Travelodge have a sale on at the moment, with some rooms available at £9 a night (+£4 for breakfast), I've booked myself for a week in Glasgow. I'll be going from the last day of Jan through the first week of Feb, so the city will probably be at its dampest, coldest and gloomiest, but never mind. It's a place I like, and I haven't been for a few years. Might also be able to catch up with pickwick , if she doesn't sensibly pretend to be unavoidably out of the country at the time.

Maddeningly, the website wouldn't let me block book the nights at the sale price, even though the rooms were available. I had to book each night separately (and Wed night is £19 for some reason), though I could pay for them all in one transaction. I was somewhat startled that the room description specifies that each room booking includes sheets and towels - I'd kind of taken those for granted, especially the sheets !

I have to book the trains now. If I buy Sheffield-Manchester and Manchester-Glasgow as separate tickets, I can save £10 over the Sheffield-Glasgow fare. My previous trips to Glasgow have been up the east coast, via Newcastle, Berwick and Edinburgh, which is a lovely stretch of track, with spectacular scenery. There were an Italian mother and teenage son sitting opposite me, and when the train paused on the bridge over the Tyne on the approach to Newcastle station, the son looked out at the river and actually exclaimed "Mamma mia !"


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15th Nov, 2008 00:26 (UTC)
Hurray! I should be around, as far as I know ;) Be good to meet you again!
15th Nov, 2008 17:17 (UTC)
Be nice to have a local to show me some decent Glasgow pubs to drink in. I've visited the city twice before, but never been into a pub, as it's rather intimidating when you're on your on in a strange place, and visiting pubs onj your own isn't so much fun anyway.

15th Nov, 2008 08:24 (UTC)
The trains between Sheffield and Manchester, and then again between Manchester and Glasgow, are terribly overcrowded, on account of the alleged service being provided by poky little three-car units instead of proper InterCity trains. Me, I'd have stuck with the East Coast.
15th Nov, 2008 17:15 (UTC)
Well, I havne't actually booked yet, so I shall bear that in mind, thanks.
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