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Got stuffed

It was a good weekend, except, possibly from the point of view of losing weight. I went to aunty_cis 's party on Saturday. Walked to the tramstop, thinking it was a good night for fireworks, being dry and not too cold. Got off the tram in Hillsborough to discover it was raining there, and raining fairly thoroughly. There were still fireworks, but I stayed inside in the warm and dry. Was very impressed by the lovely new bathroom they have. I was honoured to be catted for a while when sitting on the sofa. I've owned black cats myself in the past, and Skiffle is black and white, but I swear I've never known another cat so densely black as Charlie. I lost track of him later, thought he'd gone out, and eventually realized that he was sprawled in gwengothelf 's lap, cunning camoflauged against the black velvet. I'd brought some strawberry beer, bought from the supermarket a few weeks ago by way of experiment, and enjoyed it. When that was gone, I had some glasses of the cocktail fountain, which was very nice and not as alcoholic as expected.
   As expected, there was mounds of food, to which I added my maple buttercrunch biscuits. I had a variety of things (Including savouries and salad). I brought home a muffin and a couple of small pieces of that lovely orange cake. It was nice to catch up with some people I'd hadn't seen much of lately, although I didn't really get to speak to some friends (busy party). I set off to catch the last tram home, in the rain, Thought about catching tram, walking up to Western Bank, catching bus up hill for two stops, and another 3-4 mins walk after that, and decided I couldn't be bothered. I'd budgetted for a taxi, if I stayed after the last tram, so I took one anyway. Still had a lie down for about half an hour after getting in, then got up and caught up with stuff online for a while before bed.

Today went to longrat 's to be fed even more stuff in honour of her birthday. Hot meat provided by Tim, then I was forced to eat three waffles with different toppings. I'd been culling my horse collection a few weeks ago to make space, and took along an old Sindy horse for the girls, which seemed to be appreciated. I was pleased to hear that Ruby still liked the lamb I knitted for her, and especially pleased to hear that it had stood up well to being washed. I had far too much to eat, saw some of the same friends again, and some others, and had a lovely time. mouschtie  kindly give me a lift up the hill to Walkley  - the rest of the way home was downhill which is more managable and gave me the illusion that I was burning off at least some of the lard I'd consumed in the last 24 hours.

I got home around nine, to find a message from Vikki asking to call when I got in. decided I needed a lie down first, and woke up an hour and a half later, feeling groggy. Phoned Vikki, and accepted invitation to dinner with her and Iain in a couple of weeks' time. I drank a little, diluted peppermint cordial, which is good when feeling bloated. I now have four muffins from two different parties, waiting to be eaten.

Must Do Some Exercise


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10th Nov, 2008 11:47 (UTC)
...yet Charlie still managed to shed white hair all over me...
10th Nov, 2008 16:29 (UTC)
Was good to see you :)
3 waffles... GOOD, GOOD,... next year I'll put you down for 4 - OK? :)
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