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At home, so far not achieving very much today. And it's going dark outside already.

Yesterday morning had to be up and out to visit physio at hospital. I couldn't believe my eyes when I first saw him, as he looked like he'd escaped from a 118 advert His hair was sllightly less shaggy, but he had the moustache. He is a nice bloke, in spite of his dubious taste in facial hair. I've agreed to attend some gym classes at the physio department - it's once a week for 8 weeks, and will involve messing around on wobble boards and the like. I'm just hoping I'll have the energy to walk home afterwards.

I've had a hand-rail put up on the wall side of the stairs, courtesy of the council, who sent a bald gnome round to install it. I thought the rail would probably be white plastic, and rather harsh in contrast to the Victorian dark wood banister on the other side. The rail is actually a simple pine pole - just bare wood. In it's natural state, it did blend in unobtrusively with the wall, but looked rather unfinished. I still have some of the dark varnish stain I used for the banisters and woodwork, so I've been using that on the new rail. Only one coat so far, which has turned it honey-coloured. I'll put on at least one more coat, and try to get it darker, like the rest of the woodwork on the stairs. I was impressed that the varnish was still liquid, as it must be 10 years since I bought it.

Stayed up, watching results starting to come in for the American elections. Got to the point where Obama needed another 60+ college votes to win, and decided to go to bed. Said good-night to the cats, visited bathroom, cleaned teeth, got into bedroom and put radio on. Less than twenty minutes since I'd turned the telly off, but from what dj on radio was saying, it sounded although Obama had been confirmed as winner. So back into living room and put telly on again, and discovered that Obama had shot up to 330ish votes, from 225 or so, less than half an hour before. Sat up for a while watching, and saw McCain's gracious speech, conceding victory to Obama. A night to remember.

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