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The grand gesture doesn't always work

roleplaying this evening - the climax of the 1780 scenario. The last session ended with Steve's character being kidnapped by the bad guys. The two-headed GM, Vasha, took Steve downstairs to roleplay his stuff separate from the rest of the group. As our host, Chris, hadn't been expecting this, the heating wasn't on throughout the house, and Steve got left in a chilly room while the GMs came back to deal with the rest of the group for a while.

Now Steve can be short-tempered in his roleplaying, especially when he doesn't feel in conrtol, and being kidnapped and tied up, he definitely wasn't in control. The rest of the party broke into the building where he was being held (the time-travelling coffee shop) and got into a fight. Steve came back upstairs again, and the GM's alternated sporadically between what Steve was doing, and what the rest were doing, Steve broke loose from his bonds and got into a fight with his guard. Steve needed to check a rule about strangling damage, so while he was looking it up, Ven decided to get on with the other fight for a round or so, till Steve was ready.

Steve then complained he was never allowed to finish anything, but was being left waiting. he decided he'd had enough, and was going home. He told his wife, he'd come and pick her up later, when the game was finished, and stomped off down the attic stairs. We knew from experience that it's better to let him get on with his tantrums, so we let him go and started to pick up the game again. This is when things starting turning into a sitcom script.

A couple of minutes later, Steve was back. The back door was locked, and he needed Chris to come down and let him out.

He succeeded in walking out on his second attempt, and we got on with the game. A while later, he sent an incomprehensible text message to Helen, his wife, who phoned him to find out what he wanted. It turned out that he'd got home, and discovered he didn't have his house keys on him. so he had to come back again. Of course, Chris had locked the door after letting Steve out, but I thought of this and so Chris unlocked it again. Otherwise Steve would have stuck outside in the cold and wet like a lost puppy, until someone came down from the attic to let him in.

We'd finished the scenario when he returned, having utterly failed at his dramatic walkout, and were playing a simple dice game. Steve said he was going to sit and do his sudoku puzzles. After a couple of quick rounds of dice, we decided to play whist. Ven apologized to Steve for upsetting him, and asked him to join in. He apologized in turn, and we played cards. Good temper was restored all round, and even Steve could admit that his failure to take his ball and go home was funny.

The scenario ended with us time-travelling again. The bad news is that we are in London during the blitz. The good news is that there are indoor, flush toilets - it's the first time the characters have had such luxury in months !

Tags: dramatic gesture fail, friends, role-playing
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