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Well, Japan is part of a continent

I had a nice day today, wandering around the Continental Market with soul_rider  and Evie. It was nice and sunny, but darned cold, so we were all well wrapped up. I got some of the yummy biscuits from the French stall at the cathedral end of Fargate. They do all kinds of delicious things there, but I'm partial to the lovely biscuits they have. I also decided to get some of the colourful and pretty candied fruits they have, mostly as an Xmas present for Mum. I got some candied ginger, strawberries, whole clementines and caramelized pear slices. I tried one of the pear slices and a strawberry, and they are very nice. I shall put the rest into sweetie bags and store away safely.

That lot came to rather more than I expected, so was more restrained elsewhere. I did blow £5 on a pair of lovely, enamelled earrings - but only the 1 pair of earrings. We managed to avoid buying crepes, churros, syrup waffles and other tempting things. There was a full-sized merry-go-round at the top of Fargate, which I always like to ride on. This time I took Evie with me for her first ever carousel ride. She sat in front of me, and I held onto her under her arms, and she kept my hands nice and warm as we went round and round. Evie enjoyed herself as much as I did, while her Mum stayed on solid ground and watched.

longhairedhippy  joined us for lunch, which in my case was a nice hot bratwurst. we went down to the Winter Gardens, which is a lovely place, and what's more, warm and windproof. We managed to find somewhere to sit, and chatted. Ed went back to work, and K, E and I went past the Millenium galleries, aiming for the loos. We stopped to admire a fab metal artwork, which was also a collecting box for the galleries. It was shaped like a barrel cactus, with forks with the tines bent outwards as spines. When you drop coins in, they land on cymbals and stuff to make different chiming and bell noises. We discovered that some of the slots had half a dozen or so coins jammed in them, and spent a few minues fishing coppers free, to drop in elsewhere. Got some strange looks from passersby, as we fished around with keys and folding scissors...

After our break, we wandered back down Fargate. I got some paella for my tea and got just a small quantity of Irish coffe fudge. Most of the stall are from continental Europe, but there were a few interlopers from further afield, like the Japanese food stall selling octopus dumplings and other delicacies. The Russian doll stall was back - I got a lovely set of tiny owls last time.

We made our way to Wilkinsons, stopping at a Xmas goods shop on the way, where I got a cheap calendar for next year, with some great photos of classic cars. I browsed around for a new dish drainer, and found a design I liked, but was getting fairly broke, so didn't buy one. I did get a tablespoon, as I've been wanting another, and they're not the easiest things to find, nowadays. After that, we said goodbyes, and I waited at the bus stop outside the market, while K and E went in search of face paints. I was still at the 52 stop when they came out a few minutes later, minus face paint, but plus some Horrible Skin. K waited with me for a few more minutes, hoping the next bus would be one that went all the way to Hillsborough. When no bus at all showed up, she decided to take the tram instead, adding that leaving the stop was sure to summon a bus. It certainly did - one arrived less than a minute later, and it was one of the Stagecoach ones that go to Hillsborough ! Thanks, Krissy - your spell worked :)

Was absolutely shattered when I got home, but it was a lovely day. Now for some coffee and a french biscuit - which one to choose....?

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