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Getting the point

Today I went to see the nice ms nurses at the Hallamshire in order to start on my disease modifying drugs. The drugs have been shown, on average, to reduce the frequency and severity of relapses, though with ms being such a variable disease it's hard to tell whether a longer gap between relapses would have happened with or without the drugs.

I needed to visit the nurses before starting, as the drugs are self-injectables, which means a whole new field of fun for me. I've opted for Avonex, which is a once-a-week dose. I wasn't exactly looking forward to stabbing myself with a syringe, but after all the blood letting sampling I've had done in the last few months for the clinical trial, I've become a little more blase about having needles stuck into me. And an intramuscular injection is less painful than having a needle stuck in a vein (I was told).

It was a little wierd, getting out the needle and syringe, and getting the shot ready. No doubt it'll seem perfectly routine in time. With the guidance of my lovely nurse, Diane, the first injection went well - pretty much textbook stuff. I just hope I manage as smoothly next week, when I'm on my own. My thigh feels as though there's a hefty bruise around the injection site, but there's no mark there.

I'm now waiting to discover what kind of side-effects I get. Avonex tends to produce flu-like reactions, of headache, shivering, aches and generally feeling like shit. Severity varies immensely, and tends to be less after a few weeks/months. Side-effects should have kicked in by now. I've taken a couple of paracetamol, and so far feel a bit shivery, and achy around the neck and shoulders. Must remember to call the nurse's office tomorrow and leave a message saying how things have gone.Let's hope it doesn't get much worse.

The shivering got a lot worse. Iwent to bed, fully dressed and with a hot water bottle, for about an hour at 8.00ish. Slept for a bit and got up again to eat and watch the season finale of Desparate Housewives. The shivering had stopped but I felt like utter shit for a while. Feeling better now, but flushed and hot. Which is better than the shivering. Early bed tonight and hope the social services support worker doesn't arrive at 9.00am, like theone on Tuesday.



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15th Oct, 2008 17:38 (UTC)
Oh, good luck. When I was in the hospital as a kid, I got so used to having blood drawn that I didn't feel the needles at all. Now, though, I'm a complete wimp. Can't imagine giving myself an injection. Yikes.

I hope it works out well for you though!
15th Oct, 2008 17:52 (UTC)
Good luck!
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