Gillian (san_valentine) wrote,

Asha was at a barbeque this evening, instead of roleplaying, so we had silly games.

We played a Cheapass game: Captain Park's Imaginary Polar Expedition. The idea is that Captain Park has achieved fame and status with his marvellous expedition, but you, as player, know that in fact he made the whole thing up. So you're going to do the same. You move around the board, visiting different locations in order to acquire artifcacts, characters, photographs and anecdotes, with which to convince people of the truth of your great adventure. Captain Park is also on the move, and if he sees you (lands on the same space), your cover is blown and you lose the months you were claiming to be away. This being a Cheapass game, the various things you can collect are all silly, or highly unlikely.
   When you've been away long enough, and collected enough stuff, you return to the Gentleman's club to tell your tale and score points. You get extra points for each catagory of stuff collected, extra months away, being one of the first to 'visit' a certain location, or 'visitiing' whereever is currently fashionable. 
  It's a fun game, quite quick to learn and with a nice element of unpredictabilty from Captain Park's presence. You know what route he's going to follow, but how fast he moves depends on how many cards are played. Another recommended Cheapass game.

Afterwards we played a simple dice game. Each player starts with 5D6. First player throws their dice. 1's go in the middle, 2's go to the player on the left, 5's go right. Reroll if you passed a dice or put one in the middle. Player's turn ends when they have no dice left or don't need to pass one on. Play moves clockwise to next person. A player who runs out of dice is not out of the game, as they may be handed a dice by another player. Winner is the person who rolls a 1 with the last dice. Simple and very effective.
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