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I've been having problems with my eyes lately, so I went to see my doctor a couple of weeks ago. She amused me with one of her diagnostic questions "Does it look like someone sneezed in your eyes ?". In the end she said it was allergic conjunctivitis, and gave me some antihistimines. I'm not yet sure if they helped, as I think this cold snap has done away with whatever was causing the problem, for the time being anyway.

Soon after, I started getting a mild headache, which is unusual for me. It persisted, and seemed to centre around my left eye, which felt particularly uncomfortable when tilting my head up or down. Eventually I gave in and booked to see a doctor about it. I got a 10.00am appointment with a doctor I'd not seen before, a locum I think. After that, I arranged to go over to soul_riderhouse.
   Well, there was an emergency at the doctors, with a patient being taken away on a trolly (not reassuring), so I saw the doc about half an hour late. She shone lights in my eyes, waved fingers at me, then ummed and erred for a bit. Eventually she decided to send me to the drop-in eye clinic at the Hallamshire, where they could do more thorough checks. Oh well. At least I remember to ask for her a new asthma inhaler, since mine's gone AWOL (possibly on the floor of the New Barrack Tavern).

So I get the inhaler and cunningly also buy the new Radio Times; no doubt I'm going to be sitting around in the Hallamshire for a while. It's a nice walk from School Road down to the Hallamshire, where I hand over the doc's letter and sit to read about the new series of Dr Who. After the best part of a couple of hours, and a brief, preliminary check, I get to see the eye nurse. He shines lights in my eyes, puts drops in them, shines more lights, waves fingers at me and shows me a colour vision test chart. Reassuringly, both peripheral vision and colour vision are good. The doctor I saw earlier had been concerned I might be starting something nasty, like optic neuritis, which is fairly common in ms patients. I didn't think so myself, as it didn't seem anything like painful enough. The eye nurse said I have common-or-garden sinusitis, and recommended steam inhalations. He also wrote a prescription for eye drops.

I could only get the prescription filled at the clinic pharmacy, so I handed it in and got a raffle ticket with my number on, And was told I'd get the eye drops in about 50 mins. As it was already 1.00pm, I phoned to let  soul_riderknow what sort of time I'd be arriving. I got a much needed coffe and snacks as the WRVS cafe, then at 1.30, popped back to see what number ticket the pharmacy had got to. My timing was spot on, as they called my number seconds after I arrived.

I spent the afternoon in Hillsbrorough, admiring seedlngs and a tidy section of kitchen worktop, I then knitted while soul_ridergot on with crocheting a pretty scarf for her sister. On the way home, I stopped at the Happy House for some take-away. The owner put in a free polystyrene pot of something, for no reason I was clear about. I assumed it was some sauce, which they'd maybe made too much of and were giving away to regulars. It turned out to be some kind of creamy-white jelly stuff. I haven't the remotest idea what it is. It's still in the fridge: I haven't dared try it yet. I still have no idea why he gave it to me. I wonder if the cats will eat it ?


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29th Mar, 2007 16:48 (UTC)
Bizarre sounding free pot of goo- what does it smell of? Bet the cats would eat it, Jasper loves weird things, seems especially fond of custard- the instant-add-water sort not the containing real milk sort!
29th Mar, 2007 19:45 (UTC)
The goo doesn't seem to smell of anything in particular. I think it may be sweetish, but still haven't tried it.

I really have no idea what the cats will or won't eat - it seems to change at irregular intervals.
2nd Apr, 2007 13:51 (UTC)
probably soya milk jelly is my guess. I could be wrong! But if it is, it should be sweet (not too sweet and yummy).

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