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Let there be light

Well, I was planning on a lie in today, after shopping in town yesterday and staying up late. However, was woken by drilling in the kitchen of the flat below, which is right under my bedroom. I managed to ignore it for half an hour or so, then got a call from the rent agents to say as the electricians were there, could they come by and install timers on my storage heaters ? I'd have appreciated more than 30 mins notice, but I wanted to get the job done, so I said fine.

So I had electricians about the place for most of the day, switching things on and off, drillings holes, looking for sockets, shifting furniture and generally getting underfoot. I now have times on the three storage heaters and the immersion heater, so they will warm up automatically during the cheaper night rate. There's still no way of setting the heaters to automatically give out the heat, so I still wake up to a cold bedroom. That seems to be a general design flaw in storage heaters.
   The light fitting in the bathroom has also been replaced with an enclosed one, which is a lot brighter. *blinks*

During their lunch break I manged to phone the doctors to make an appointment to have my flu jab, and also booked to see my regular doctor. He's supposed to be prescribing me a drug to help with the muscle stiffness, and I want to make another application for a mobility pass. It's a year since the last application, so it seems worth having another try.

  I have a fire blanket and small foam extinguisher in the kitchen now. I'm very tempted to tug on the fire blanket tabs, but I'd never get it all back inside again. The faulty smoke alarm has finally been replaced with a new one. They spent a lot of time trying to work out how the alarms in the flats were, or were not, interlinked. Which involved getting the alarms to go off at frequent intervals. Skiffle disapproved of the noise, and vanished behind a chair in the living room.
   I pointed out that the hall and landing lights only worked intermittently. I generally rely on the light from the kitchen, which has a glass partition instead of a wall, to provide light for the stairs. Investigation showed that the guys who installed the electrics five years ago had set the switches wrong, so the lights would only work if the upstairs and downstairs switches were set to the same position. This was soon sorted, and I now have proper lighting for the hall and stairs. Which means I can really see just how badly the stairs need to be cleaned. After five years of not using those lights, it's going to take a while to get back into the habit.
  Oh, and there was a delivery from Tescos right in the middle of the chaos. Still, at least this deliveryman didn't grumble about carrying stuff up to the kitchen, like the last one did.
   The timer in the living was installed by a young man with a nice arse and pretty much all-over tan. I was taking a break in my favourite armchair, which pretty much faces that socket, and had a lovely view of his rear end as he bend over to install the timer. He had a deep, bright blue waistband on his underpants, and atan that stopped at around that area. I sat there eating grapes and enjoying the view while he worked. It was the bet part of the day.



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17th Sep, 2008 20:51 (UTC)
Glad to see you always manage to take best advantage of a situation :P
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