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Today I got a letter from the DWP saying that they'd recieved my request to look again at my claim for Disability Living Allowance. They tell me that it could take 11 weeks for a decision to be given. Given that the letter is dated the 2nd of Sept., and took a week just to arrive, this doesn't seem very promising.

Except that I got a letter from them last Thursday - the 4th. This one states that they have looked again at my claim, changed their minds, and have decided to award me DLA after all. This letter too is dated the 2nd.

A) Both letters were sent on the same day, but one arrived in 2 days and the other took 7.

B) Decision apparently made the same day my letter was formally received.

(Admittedly I wrote to them at the end of July, and it took them nearly 5 weeks to acknowledge receipt of the letter - even five weeks is pretty good going on this kind of thing)



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9th Sep, 2008 17:54 (UTC)
That's not actually all that surprising. Most of the delays in my department come from letters/applications sitting in some kind of limbo for weeks. Once they finally hit the right desk, they usually get dealt with pretty quickly. Usually.
10th Sep, 2008 00:03 (UTC)
Well, as they warned me on one letter, it can take up to 11 weeks for them to reconsider a claim, and they didn't even promise to have it done by then, just that I should get in contact if I hadn't heard from them in that time. The impression I got was that appealing a claim decision *normally* took weeks, if not months. I'm stunned to have got a decision so quickly.

And pleased.
10th Sep, 2008 22:26 (UTC)
Congratulations on getting the DLA without too enormous a battle, and so fast!

At least if it takes a long time, it's all backdated. Once I finally got through re-consideration, appeal, and all that malarkey, I got a whole year of back-payment, which was nice, especially since I'd pretty much given up.

This time (yes, they wanted to re-assess an incurable, lifelong disease after 2 years, why I don't know), I got two letters written on the same day, one saying they'd received my app, the other reminding me to send in my app. It seems comical, but I suppose it's a pretty big place with many people doing stuff, so messages don't always travel very quickly across the office. Fingers crossed this time there aren't crucial ticky boxes ticked wrongly on my app!
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