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And in other news...

Mum and Dad aren't moving to Fleetwood after all. Dad's had some health issues, including being diagnosed as diabetic, although he feels well in himself. However, he'd rather continue with the medical teams he knows, rather than moving to somewhere new on the other side of the country. Which is what Mum's been saying about her eye clinic - she's not been looking forward to going somewhere new. So they're staying in Wymondham for the indefinite future, although looking to move out of the bungalow still, which (Dad says) doesn't suit them. I'm hoping they move somewhere with a proper guest bedroom, as I don't fancy sleeping in the bungalow's conservatory, especially over Christmas. Apart from suspecting that it's going to get pretty nippy in there on a winter's night, it doesn't connect directly to the house. You have to go round the side and let yourself in through the kitchen door, which I don't fancy doing at 5.00am on a perishing night in December if I should need the loo, So it may well be Xmas in Sheffield.

Complained to the letting agent about the fact it's starting to get cold at night, and I still don't have functional heating. I've dug out the two plug-in heaters that I'd stored away behind other Stuff, and move them back and forth between the three rooms that need heating. I only kept one of the cat guards that Dad made, so that's being moved between games room and living room, depending on where I am. The agent wants to get proper central heating installed, but although I'm now entitled to a Warm Front grant to pay for that, it won't happen for months, at best. As I need heating now, agent is going to see about getting timers sorted for the storage heaters, so I have some heating for this winter. The Catch 22 is that while I have storage heaters, I won't get a grant for radiator central heating. If I'd been awarded DLA earlier in the year, and thus been eligible for Warm Front, before the landlord had the storage heaters installed, I could have gone straight for radiators. Now I could have radiators installed for free, I'm saddled with the blessed storage heaters.

I wasn't going to buy an Frijj brand flavoured milk, which I love, even though it was on special offer. Then I saw that they had a limited edition flavour of chocolate mint, which is a combination I adore. So I bought two bottles and it is, indeed, good.

I disconnected the Virgin freeview box from the telly, and things have improved, Reception has improved, especially Channel 5, and the telly doesn't keep losing the signal from the video. I'd like to try another Freeview box with the telly/video combination, to see whether it's the Virgin box that's at fault, or the telly or video. Sigh.

Oh, and Beanies have purple carrots in at the moment, if you want Goth vegetables.

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