Gillian (san_valentine) wrote,

Going down

I felt like watching 'A Night to Remember' this evening, which is the best Titanic movie to be found (and I've seen 4).
Unlike James Cameron's flick, this one is actually about the Titanic. It was made in the 1950's by people with a much firmer grasp on the social order of the Edwardian period. It's moving, without being sentimental, and dignfied. There are some fictional characters, but they are blended in with the real ones. The drama of the warning telegrams not reaching the bridge, and the near-misses in communicating with the nearby Californian, for example, are far more involving than Jack and Rose's implausible carryings-on. Altogether, a highly recommended film.

And when I started to watch I was having tea. Dessert of the day is fig crumble. Lovely soft dried figs (sticky and not at all dry), cooked with brandy in a crumble, with cream. Possibly my favourite crumble so far, and there's at least three more portions left. 

And, just because, here's another photo:

I've never seen this any other time

Skiffle even changed position, and there was still a clear rainbow across her fur. I was most impressed.
Tags: cats, puddings, titanic
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