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It's here !

My shiny, new frost-free freezer just arrived. It's in its corner of the games room, all white and new. Did I mention it was frost-free ? No need to de-ice it in the future. Genius, whoever thought that up. Got to let it settle before I can switch it on, and then wait a few hours to get properly cold before putting food in it. So may do a Tesco order for delivery tomorrow.

Less cheering news is that I moved two bookcases and contents from the landing to make a clear passageway for the deliverymen to get it in. I now have to move said bookcases and several yards of books back again.

There's a bunch (spark ?) of electricians clattering about the house this afternoon, checking the electrics in the other flats. Every now and again they set off the interlinked fire alarms, which invariably makes me jump. I'm almost scared to have a cup of coffee, in case it winds up on my T-shirt as a result. What is the collective term for a group of electricians ?

I got another delivery at the same time as the freezer - my treat to myself with a little of the money from 'Silver Express'. I've wanted one of the 40th Anniversary repro Action Man horses, with full dress saddlery. They normally sell at around £40. Occasionally you see just the tack, which would do as I already have suitable horses. However, this alone sells at around £20. For some reason, the manufacturer were offering the complete horse and kit for £20 the other week, so I snapped it up. It arrived today, and looks really impressive.

I've decided to call him Windsor, which seems appropriate. Now I need to get one of the Action Men in Household Cavalry uniform to go with him.


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27th Aug, 2008 19:05 (UTC)
A zap of electricians? Or a fizzle?
29th Aug, 2008 18:44 (UTC)
a battery of electricians? or a cell?
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