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Out with the old

Went to buy myself a new freezer yesterday. I knew which one I wanted, a John Lewis own brand (actually made by a well-known manufacturer, but can't remember which one offhand). Spent a bit more to get a frost-free one - worth it not to have to worry about de-icing. Got caught out when it came to paying for it, as I was using my credit card, which is OK online, but when I tried it in the shop, I got a message to say the PIN was locked. I then remembered that I'd caused that by having a brain fog a few months back, and entering incorrect PIN too often. I should have called the bank about it months ago, and forgot.
  Nice salesman registered the transaction, and told me to phone by 12.00 the next day and make the payment over the phone. You don't use a PIN on the phone, so there would be no problem. Delivery date booked for next Wed afternoon. Phoned the bank when I got home and sorted out locked PIN.
   Got engrossed watching Olympics this morning and forgot about phoning shop. Suddenly remembered about 10 past 12, and made dash for the phone. Luckily person who answered didn't say anything about time, so I made the payment OK.

The old freezer had definitely given up the ghost, and was no longer actually freezing anything. Sadly, most of the contents are the kind of thing that need to be cooked from frozen, and can't be refrozen. There's just no way I can use up all the stuff that was in there before it goes off, so I've got to throw out quite a lot. I've used up the last mini pizza and the prawns, the boar sausages are OK to defrost and are in the fridge, along with some mini sage and onion yorkshire puddings, which will probably be OK. I managed to squeeze a small bag of kievs into the fridge's freezer compartment, along with the stuff that was already there. The two, new and untouched tubs of icecream (Tiramisu and mint choc chip) are in a bucket, submerged in the ice removed from the freezer, and covered with a piece of heavy woollen cloth (which was once part of the masking for the ABC cinema on Angel Street).

The ever obliging Iain B came over the afternoon and helped me move the deceased freezer out into the front garden for the council to come collect. I called just before Iain came over, to tell them about it, but was told they wouldn't schedule it until it was outside. I said it would be outside in the next half hour. No deal. They won't agree to collect it until it is outside. They won't come for about a week anyway ! I tied some rope around the fridge so I'd have something to hold on to, as I was above the fridge as we manouvred it down two flights of stairs. It only just  fit between the bookcases in the hall. It's now sitting outside, making the place look faintly sordid.

The deliverymen are supposed to unpack the new one for me. May need to unpack it on the ground floor to get it upstairs and into the games room. Better check how wide the new one is. I may need to move bookcases after all. We shall see ?


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