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6th Aug, 2008

Spent most of the morning restitching the turn-ups on my new trousers. I'd turned up a lot of material at the hem, and they were rather bulky. This was handy, as I decided I'd shortened them too far. They looked OK when I was standing, but rode up higher than I like when I sat down. So unpicked the hems I made Fri morning, let them down, cut off remaining surplus, and handstitched hems back in place.

Had to go out this afternoon, only to local shops but was quite wrung out when I got home. Weather warm but drizzling lightly. Wet if you take your jacket off, and too hot if you leave it on.

Got a complete set of cardgame Hex from abay roday. My previous copy was missing some of  the scoring pegs and some of the tiles, with their lovely 60's geometric flowers. It can play as group game of solo, so I was pleased to get a full set in good nick. The seller also had a copy of  the 'Battle of the Little Bighorn' board game. soul_rider phoned by from a charity shop last year, to ask if I wanted this game she'd found. Sadly, although labelled as Complete,  it was missing one vital component - the rules. I emailed the seller of the copy on ebay and explained my predicament. He (bryan-may) kindly scanned the copy of the rules he had and emailed them to me. What a hero !

Roleplaying this evening. As we were waiting for Jill, I suggested a game of the National Trust Build-aHouse game I got recently. Takes up to eight players (six present). Lots of square tiles, in sets of 12, each of which comes together to make a picture of National Trust house. Cards are drawn and passed until someone gets a complete set of twelve (at which point you are supposed to shout 'stop' but shouting 'house' seems more apt, somehow). The game went on for ages, partly becuse people needed to get checking the single sheet of reference pics to try and idenifty the cards they'd just got.. The pic was in black and white too, while the cards are in colour. I think the other problem is that with 6 players, the sets of cards are scattered so thinly that everyone hangs on to half a dozen cards each of two houses, and no one get complete their set.
  After that, we got on with the roleplaying. The scenario seems to have reached it's climax, but the sacred book was stolen by someone before we could get our hands on it, and returned to safety by NPC's not us (at least, we think it's being returned to safety). Also the minstral who had the book was arrested and taken away by the Spanish Inquisition - who were expected.
  Still, there were some lovely white chocolate chip and raspberry cookies, plus a lemon cake. So, not all bad then


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