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...and relax

Busy day today. Woke up earlyish, in spite of late night and thunderstorm around 3.00am. Before going to the hospital, finally got around to altering the olive green cords I got off ebay a few weeks ago. They were far too long in the leg, as expected, but also a lot wider in the leg than I expected. When I tried them on, I felt like Bill Oddie in classic 70's Goodies look. So trouser legs had to be narrowed as well as shortened. What's more, although I had two reels on the best-match thread, both were almost empty. Got finished just as taxi arrived to take me to hospital.

I thought I'd arrived in good time at 11am; they said they'd been expecting me for 10. Had horrible feeling that I had in fact asked for an early time today, as I was going out in the afternoon. Still, they weren't busy, so it didn't actually make a difference. Had third and final day of IV steroids. With first elbows, and now hands becoming difficult to find a vein, the new site of choice is the inner wrist. Went up to clinical research for post-sterioid test, and staff there said I seemed much better than I was when I'd called on Wed, and I do feel better. Home again by taxi.

Out to meet Ven, Vikki and Helen at Graves Art Gallery at 2:00. Needed sit down and feeling a bit shakiy when I arrived, so we sat and stood around in library foyer and had a gossip. Then went up to see the Chinese Ivory exhibition, which we were all stunned by. The carving on the pieces is outstanding. The intracacy of the work is almost beyond belief. Highly recommended - and free. Also enjoyed looking at the 'Land of Peach Blossom' exhibit by a Chinese artist. She had used plastic containers like milk bottles, and cut and carved them to make fabulous, vaguely sci-fi cityscapes. It was very ingenious and delightful. We made a brief tour through the rest of the galleries, being surprised at just how much there is up there, and promising ourselves to come back and look at it. Had a brief stop at the cafe, and went down to the library where I returned 3 books, one of which, on my recommendation, Ven promptly checked out.

Helen gave us all lifts home, picking up her husband from the Hallamshire hospital (where he works) on the way. We made a stop for Beanies, and I took the chance to post a small parcel betore joining the others in Beanies. Got salad potatoes, carrots, apples, bananas, bargain strawberries, and was delighted to find greengages in, so got a dozen or so of those. Feel well stocked up with fruit now. Got home and collapsed on bed. Not enough energy left in batteries to go to pub, so will rest and indulge in fruit tonight, wearing new trouseres.

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