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Off Again

Tried to phone Mum on Monday for some info relating to our old premium bonds but she was out. Spoke to Dad instead, and discovered that on their trip to Blackpool the other weekend, not only did they find a house they liked, they put in an offer and had it accepted. There's stil paperwork, and presumably some kind of survey to be done, but it seems fairly certain they've be moving Up North, to The Seaside, just as Dad's wanted all along. This new house has been done up recently, so other than installing a chairlift, they won't need to spend anything on it. This is just as well, as they've spent nearly £20k on the bungalow sincing moving there in January. Dad should get some of that back when they sell, but not all by any means.

Still got the dizziness I reported a while back, and nearly out of pills for it. Also been having pain in my left arm recently, which I know from experience leads to a weakness of grip in that hand. Went to see the doctors in the clinic today, assuming I'd be there for an hour at most. Turned out they wanted to do a fairly full battery of tests. Had lunch there - the ham in the hospital sandwiches is thick and very nice - and agreed when the doll-sized dr offered steroids. I didn't cotton on at first that he meant IV steroids for three days, which of course meant getting stabbed in the arm and subsequently hand, when they couldn't find a vein in the arm. And I've got this fun again tomorrow and Frday. Plus the sterioids leave a funny taste in the mouth, so I've bought a pack of mints, which seems to be the accepted solution.

Got home (via free taxi) to find a message from Mum, saying my 80-in-Oct Dad had had an accident in the morning. I immediately called home and found that Dad had fallen from a ladder in the front garden, hurt his back and knocked himself out. Fortunately a neightbour helped Mum and called an ambulance. Dad's home now and shaken and sore, but relatively unscathed. It seems that the newish ladder may have collapsed, so it wasn't his fault, which is reassuring. I also managed to get the info I needed from Mum re the premium bonds. Strange to learn that the house they lived in in 1962 didn't have a postcode - I kind of assumed that postcodes has been common before then. Live and learn.

I hope the rest of the day is less exciting.



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30th Jul, 2008 16:33 (UTC)
Post codes were not in common use until about 1974/5. As a public librarian since 1972 peoples addresses have played an important part in my life and I seem to remember having to look post codes up for people when I was working at a college library which was 1974/76 but not at my first job and as junior I wrote up all the library cards for the branch. Your Dad sounds like mine was at his age, still thinking they can do things they should have given up doing 20 years before.
30th Jul, 2008 17:20 (UTC)
Dad ran his own business, and didn't sell up and retire until he was in his early 70's. He shouldn't have been at too much risk on the ladder, and it looks as though the accident may be been caused by the ladder collapsing, which could have happened to anyone.

He's had health problems (mianly his leg) since retiring, and is as thin as anything these days. Still insists on hauling my suitcase around, and in and out of the boot of the car for me though. I don't protest much any more, and let him act as though he were 20 years younger.

Thanks for the stuff on the postcodes. I just checked a book I have, which belonged to my oldest brother in the (later ?) 60's, and that has the full address of the house we lived in then, including postcode - mind you, it was a new build, so perhaps postcodes were given out for new houses in the later 60's, so that's why he knew it.

Edited at 2008-07-30 17:21 (UTC)
30th Jul, 2008 18:42 (UTC)
And it could be that the scheme was rolled out gradually as government speak puts it, London first,then the Southern England and so on until it reaches Wales about 5 years later.
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