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Big shopping trip to Asda with Gary this evening. We made a short diversion en route so I could vote. The boundaries seem to have chanced since the last council elections, and this time the Lib Dem candidate in my area is Alan Whitehouse, whom I met and became friends with a few years ago, in a drama class, run by the University's Adult Education Dept. A nice bloke with a dry sense of humour. I'll have to check the list of councillers to see if Andy Sangar is still on the council. He was treasurer of (No)DD Soc when I was chair.

This time we got round Asda in about 3 hours, which is less than last time. I was fairly restrained in the music/video section (unlike Gary) and came away with 'Pirates of the Caribbean II' and 'The Man With Two Brains', for a grand total of  £11. Other misc purchases included a small toolbox for storing craft stuff and a wrench. I got a hand-held blender, which I've been wanting for a while, as hand-whisking eggs and cream is increasingly painful on my arm. And as I'm down to five rather random and shabby side plates, I bought four new ones - and only seem to have charged for two !

On the food front, I got 2m of liquorice, which should keep me quiet for a while. Asda have a pretty good selection of ciders. I came away with two bottles of Old Rosie and one Brothers Perry, which were 3 for £4. I also got Jacques fruit cider - "a refreshing blend of lightly sparkling Belgian cider and the concentrated juice of fruits of the forest" - which looks good.  Got plenty of regular food stuff too, and after getting home and unpacking it, collapsed with coffee, and strawberry and white chocolate muffins.


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4th May, 2007 06:23 (UTC)
Oh, I remember Andy Sangar. Nice enough chap, if I recall...
4th May, 2007 18:30 (UTC)
Asda sounds pretty good, I have to admit the crowds put me of though, maybe I should try it late at night one time.
4th May, 2007 18:42 (UTC)
I've just tried the sasparilla I bought yesterday. A bit peculiar, but I like it. Sort of liquorice-y, but with a fruitiness to it.
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