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Had to head towards town in the middle of the afternoon. Saw my physio, who stuck needles in me for a while. Probably not quite as long as intended, as I simply had to ask for a tissue after a short while, as I needed to blow my nose, and he decided to finish the session. Needles were followed by a brief but sharp massage. Shoulder does seem to be loose now.

After leaving university health place, dropped off an assortment of books at Oxfam and took the bus into the city centre. There I sent off a letter, put a cheque in the bank, visited Boots and wandered around the Continental Market. I loved all the stuff on the carved wood stall, and was tempted to get a snake to lurk in the front garden. I settled on a little wooden mouse for £2, which is now scurrying along the bottom of the banisters. There was a Russain stall, where I got a teeny set of Russian dolls painted as owls. I liked the larger dolls painted with naturalistic cats and horses - a different one on each doll. Couldn't afford one of those those.
  Also took the chance to stock up on some food. Got some frozen boar sausages with honey and thyme. At 2 per meal, they work out at £1.50 per meal, which is pretty good. Also got rather indulgent in buying samples of the wonderful flavours of fudge available. Things like moacha, chocolate chip, Tia Maria, Baileys, Rum and Raisin etc. Those are in the fridge to be doled out over several days. Also got a mix of the lovely cake/biscuits from the French stall at the Cathedral end of Fargate. I bought some last time by way of experiment and loved them. Again, to be eaten slowly as treats. The last food item was a portion of the paella, which I buy myself whenever there's a market.. I love the stuff. It's in the fridge and will do for tomorrow's tea.

Because now I have to go and get ready for Ju's birthday dinner.


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25th Jul, 2008 18:24 (UTC)
we're gooing there tomorrow
26th Jul, 2008 18:24 (UTC)
thank you for the gift and for coming! :)
26th Jul, 2008 23:42 (UTC)
You're welcome - just wish I'd had a better chance to speak to you. The gift is for you to pamper yourself with when the baby comes - but you can use it beforehand if you wish :)
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