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Doing it with flare

I almost feel at a loose end today. No need to study for Mastermind any more, and I've finished updating the western section of my website, which is a lot nicer and more up to date now. There's still some stuff I can add, and will do soon(ish). So with those Things To Do out of the way, I've been feeling a little more relaxed.

Which is quite spurious, as I still have plenty of things to be getting on with. Which includes altering some trousers and a top that I got off ebay last month. The trousers are generally OK in fit, but far too long, and when I tried them on, the 'bootcut' is so wide I feel like Bill Oddie as he was in the 70's heyday of the Goodies. So I need to shorten and narrow the new trousers before I can wear them. And both because it's hot up here, and because I wanted to use my brown trousers as comparision, I was working on pinning the new trousers, while only wearing undies on the lower half.

Of course, that's when the postboy rang to doorbell. Frantic hurry to get trousers from other room, get into them and get down two flights of stairs with heavy fire door in the way, before postboy shoves 'You Were Out' card through the door and buggers off. Fortunately, the postboy seems to be more patient than most of the others who's done this round.

Trousers are marked and pinned, and ready to be stictched, but I have to go out now to see physio.

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