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Look what I found

I was trawling the internet and found a link to Taylor's Garden Buildings, who claim to have been established for over 50 years. I couldn't resist taking a look, and sure enough, it's Dad's old company, that he sold a few years back. If you scroll down the page and see the brochure from 1998, the young woman at the entrance to the summer house is me; (perhaps fortunately) the pic can't be enlarged, bit I recognize the photo.

The photo is over a decade older than they claim for the brochure, as I'd passed my driving test just a few months before and had driven myself to Dad's works for the photo session. It dates from summer of 1985, when I was doing, or had finished, my A levels.

I'm quite amused by the way the new owner of the company goes on about how 'we' have built up a repuation for excellence over the last 50+ years. It wasn't him; he'd never built a shed in his life till he bought the business from Dad a few years back, and may not have done even now. All the hard work of establishing the company and building its repuation was done by my Dad. I guess the new owner, who seems determined not to mention that he's not actually a Taylor, bought the company goodwill as well the equipment, buildings etc. I don't know if Dad's seen the website; I'll mention it next time we speak.

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