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You spin me right round, baby, right round

Late Friday, I started feeling light-headed and dizzy again. Nothing to do with visiting the pub, in fact all I had was a pint of shandy. I was still wobbling about on Sunday, so I went to the walk-in centre at the Hallamshire hospital, which is blessedly close. I was thinking it might be labyrinthitis again but the nurse found by temperature normal, blood pressure very low ( normal for me) and couldn't find any sign of infection in my ears. Of course, if it's only in the inner ear, there won't be anything for him to see. So nurse said it might well be neurological, as I had an ms induced dizzy patch last year (as well as labyrinthitis). I had started taking some anti-nausea pills prescirbed last autumn, which he said were the best thing available, and I should probably see a doctor. He couldn't help.

So Wednesday, had the monthly trip to the Clinical Research Facility; the first after coming off the ms drugs being trialled. I reported the situation to the doll-sized doctor, who was certain that it is labyrinthitis. Being caused mostly likely by a virus, not a bacteria, he could't do anything for me except advise me to keep taking the anti-nausea pills. And call him if it got worse, or hadn't started to clear up after about three weeks.

So, after getting two medical opinions, I have either an ms-related problem, or an inner ear infection, and I should keep taking the pills.

Spent today feeling dizzy, and had a lie down in the afternoon. Probably won't be at the pub because it's not safe to drink, and I can hardly walk in a straight line, sober. No role-playing this weekend, so not going out there either and in fact not going out much the next week . Phone calls/visits welcome.



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18th Jul, 2008 00:52 (UTC)
I hope it clears up soon and you can go back to your normal activities.
18th Jul, 2008 09:10 (UTC)
Hope you feel better soon! *hugs* Have a good rest and don't worry too much.

And finger crossed it clears by next Fri!
18th Jul, 2008 19:39 (UTC)
Sorry to hear you are not well :(

Hope you feel much better soon
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