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Long, but satisfying day yesterday out at the Birdsedge Villiage Festival. Set off with Vikki and Helen - all three of us equipped for almost any kind of weather. I had a long-sleeved t-shirt on, a light fleece top, my light fleece jacket and a raincoat to put on over it all. We arrived in Birdsedge, a hamlet high in the Pennines, around 11:30am, half an hour before the fete was due to open. The equipment and prizes for our stalls were already in place, but Vikki and Helen had to go to the village hall to look for a table and fetched the only one left, which to judge by its height, had come out of the infant school.
  We run the hook-a-duck and the ring-a-frog stalls, which are popular with the kids. This year I designed and printed some new stall signs for us, as the old ones had been hand-drawn on the spot, quickly, and were distinctly amatuerish. Helen and Vikki were suitably impressed and I thought they Added Tone to the stall. We had a better selection of prizes than usual for the kids. The cheap little cars and kiddie counting books were old friends from previous years, and we also had a good selection of soft toys and favourites like bottles of bubbles, whoopee cushions, large balloons, and a load of tennis balls. We also, bizarrely, had a box full of white mugs promoting some local software, internet design company. Didn't shift any of those, unsurprisingly.  
   The weather varied between sunny, overcast and a couple of showers. The most consistant factor was the wind, which threated to blow prizes off the stall. After some confusion, we were allowed to set up the stall inside an open fronted tent that the church had booked and weren't really using. We were out of the rain and wind, with the paddling pools of ducks and frogs just outside: it was bliss ! After a slow start, the fete picked up and we did pretty good business. With three of us, we could take it in turns to wander around, get food and visit the other stalls and watch events. I acquired some locally made liquirice allsorts, a tie-dyed calico bag, a hardy geranium, 2 paperbacks for 30p each (the story of Biggin Hill and an original 1965 novelization of 'Help' in excellent condition, with photo section), a small Bagpuss toy and a pretty little drawstring bag. There was also the WI tea tent with a fab selection of cakes.
  There was a good selection of displays - from Tai-kwondo to tribal fusion bellydance. After packing up when it finished at 5.00pm, Vikki went home as she had a Folk chorale concert in the evening. Helen and I had a good meal in a nearby pub. Helen's husband, Steve had been judging at a cat show during the day. He joined us in the evening for the folk-based concert, which was as entertaining as usual..The remains of the WI stall were given away at the end of the evening, and I came away with two sandwiches for lunch today.
  A long day, tiring, and well worth it. And this year, the extensions to the Village Hall will begin at last, funded in part by money raised at the Festival.



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13th Jul, 2008 18:11 (UTC)
That sounds like a good day, and well done on the fund raising. Mam myself and Aunty Dora used to do the Brickabrack at the Church 'Fayres' and fund raisers. Now they are gone I don't do it any more, it's not the same with out them.
13th Jul, 2008 19:33 (UTC)
Well, I'll go to the foot of our stairs. We drove through Birdsedge* twice today, on the way to and from Hardwick Hall. We saw the banners for the Festival, but the first time through was too early and the second too late, and anyway, we didn't know you was there :-)

* - Or Birds Edge, as at least one roadsign spelt it.
13th Jul, 2008 20:15 (UTC)
Small world, innit ? You've seen Hardwick now, so come and visit the festival next year - second Saturday in July. We have better food. And plastic duckies.
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