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Stuck up

Went to see the physio this afternoon - 3rd visit to this guy about the pain and stiffness in my right shoulder/back. He gave me some exercises to do, which had improved things on the second visit, but things have stayed much the same since.
  So I lay down on his table so he could prod the knots of muscle as before. I had no idea how much my ribs could bend until I had him digging his fingers into my back and pressing down. As soon as he pressed the stiff areas, I twinged and winced. Instead of commencing massage, this time he asked if I'd like to try acupuncture. He didn't tell me it would align my chi, which was good as I don't have any faith in that kind of explanation. He did say it would release the knots and the needles would encourage the release of the body's natural painkillers. Well, I've been stabbed on a monthly basis for the last few months for the ms drug trial, ending up with four or five pinholes each time, so I've kind of got used to it. The physio told me that acupuncture needles are much finer and it's less painful than a blood test, so I agreed.
   He put in five needles, which was almost painless. There was a slight stab as he tweaked each one, which was very brief, and after that there was no sensation at all. I lay and almost dozed for a few minutes, , which was nice as I'd been rushing around before leaving the house.
  When he took the needles out and prodded the knots again, the muscles were far more relaxed and it didn't provoke the same twinge as before.The difference was quite marked. There was another rib-squeezing massage, and I'm to see him again in a fortnight. I know there are a few places where you can be offered acupuncture on the NHS, but I was surprised when the physio mentioned it, and even more so when I realized he meant to do it there and then, and not refer me to someone else. I he suggests it again next time, I'll be happy to have it.

After seeing him, I went into town to meet Ven at the Winter Gardens so she could use my Blakes 7 notes to quiz me in preparation for Mastemind. Much as we both like the Winter Gardens, we opted to retreat to the central library over the road today. There was a recital in the Winter Gardens in aid of Alzhiemer's Disease - a warbling sporano, a booming tenor and a loud electronic keyboard that didn't quite sound like a piano. They weren't completely talentless but neither were they actually any good. They came into that particularly painful forever-amateur bracket, which made me think of the worst kind of Victorian musical evenings in the parlour. Some (elderly) people seemed to be enjoying it, but both Ven and I found it teeth-grindingly awful. Even my min-chocolate chip milkshake made with Bradwells ice cream couldn't distract from the music.
  The library was much quieter, and had nice comfy chairs too. This is a Good Thing in a library. We worked for about an hour, then Ven went home, and I went to the Hillsborough Hotel and had a nice time with friends.


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