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ITMA - It's that meme again

This time miraxcorran chose five of my icons fro this meme:

. Reply to this post, and I will pick five of your icons.
2. Make a post (including the meme info) and talk about the icons I chose.
3. Other people can then comment to you and make their own posts.
4. This will create a never-ending cycle of icon fun.

  I was looking for some Yellow Submarine icons the other day. Didn't find any of those, but did find masses of other Beatles icons. I took this one, made by champagne_candy, as George is my favourite, and I liked the idea of having a smile icon.

2. Another mini icon work of art by redscharlach; I've got three or four of her little pieces of genuis. This one is of the test card girl, used to great effect in 'Life On Mars'. The test card was routinely displayed during the day, back in the 70's, when no programmes were being broadcast. It was used by engineers to test their signals, and was familiar sight to viewers. The girl came out of the telly and said enigmatic things to Sam Tyler, who'd somehow been transported back from the present, to 1973, in 'Life On Mars'.
   The girl in the photo is the daughter of the bloke who designed the test card, and the creepy clown doll belonged to her.
  You can get more info on test cards at this website                                                                  


I use the icon when talking about TV programmes.

I like indoor games: role-playing games, board games, card games. I thought I needed a dice icon to use when posting about games. I googled this standard image of 2D6 on the web and stole it to make an icon. I have some wooden dice similar to these, but mine are white, dark red and navy, with gold dots, and rather faded and better. Years of playing games means I can add up the total shown on either 2 or 3 six-sided dice at a glance.

I stayed with Maki and Brian when I visited New York last year. They maintain the Wookiee Hut website, I left my lightweight dressing gown behind, so Maki returned it in a parcel with various goodies, and included an Ikea card with some elegantly drawn animals on. I scanned the pic of the cat, which was monochrome, and added the green and the orange. I use this icon fairly randomly.

This is one of my Star Wars icons. The image is from the end of the flashback story told by Wedge Antilles, in the comic, 'Chewbacca'. The story is set during Rebellions days. Chewie is working on Wedge's speeder when an alert sounds, and Wedge accidently takes off and flies into battle with Chewie hanging from the underside of his airspeeder. Chewie survives, and at the end, is looking for Wedge, who is doing his best to stay out of sight of the angry Wookiee. (well, wouldn't you ?)
I scanned and cropped the pic, and added the caption. astro_the_nut sharpened the image for me, and made it all lovely and shiny.



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7th Jul, 2008 20:52 (UTC)

I read this as 'reply to this post and I will make you five icons' I'm rather dissapointed now, got all excited,

if you'd like to you can choose some of mine :-)
8th Jul, 2008 17:28 (UTC)
I've got plenty for you to choose from :P
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