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Icon meme

1. Reply to this post, and I will pick five of your icons.
2. Make a post (including the meme info) and talk about the icons I chose.
3. Other people can then comment to you and make their own posts.
4. This will create a never-ending cycle of icon fun.

vilakins chose these icons from my collexion:

This is an image of Alex Harvey, a Scottish rock musician. He started performing in the 50's, and his career peaked in the 70's with the Sensational Alex Harvey Band, who were particularly famed for their live act. The motto of Glasgow, Alex's home town, is 'Let Glasgow Flourish'. The cover of the first SAHB album features graffitti that reads 'Let Glasgow Flourish in Filth and Slums'  salmon_of_doubt made this icon for me, subsituting Crookesmoor (the area where I live) for Glasgow. I tend to use it for posts about my flat and the local area.

I made this from a picture of a scene in the recent BBC series of 'Robin Hood'. The series is too moderinzed and knowing for my taste, but I watched this episode as it featured one of my favourite actors, Denis Lawson, playing the Sheriff of Winchester. Here he's talking to Keith Allen, who plays the Sheriff of Nottingham. I looked at the way they were holding their hands, and made a caption based on 'Scissors, Paper, Rock'. I use this rather randomly, mostly for topics about cheating, or games, or because I want to use a pic of Denis (other than Star Wars ones)

This is a recently acquired Princess Bride icon, made by snowflakie06. Buttercup and Westley are in the Fire Swamp, with Westley being determinedly cheeful. The Princess Bride is a great movie and a great book, and was filmed locally. A couple of my friends were in it as extras, and I was told a couple of scurrilous stories about Rob Reiner by the bloke who owned the video rental shop in Broomhill, where the cast and crew stayed. It's good for determindly cheerful posts, or for ones about trees.

Another Princess Bride icon by snowflakie06, this time just of Westley. It seemed like a useful one to have, as well as being pretty.

This is another new one, made by illusionsplay, who based it on a t-shirt design. Ideal for either Star Wars or gardening posts !



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3rd Jul, 2008 15:22 (UTC)
4th Jul, 2008 18:13 (UTC)
I choose the icons with thses keywords:
lick, flamingo, rain, moustache and pause
3rd Jul, 2008 16:28 (UTC)
Me! Pick me!
4th Jul, 2008 18:14 (UTC)
Ok, I chose the icons with these keywords:
princess bride: Westley, Aristocrats-kittens, SW: Mara, SW: sister and House(blue)

Tell all, then.
4th Jul, 2008 22:30 (UTC)
... I should've updated my icons before you did that. I have a ton of New Who and Firefly ones on my computer. I is stoopid.

Anyways, I'll do that when I get back onto my computer and am no longer binge-watching Heroes. :)
3rd Jul, 2008 22:02 (UTC)
Thanks! Don't pick any more of mine though; I'm just commenting.

I did recognise the Princess Bride-ness of those icons (I must watch it again) but I had no idea it was filmed where you live. So the trees are a direct quote?

The Vader's a t-shirt design? It's very cool. I once saw a cartoon of boy Anakin saying to one of the other race contestants, "Anyway when I grow up, I'll have a spaceship as big as a MOON!"
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