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Sorted !

Well, of the various things I intended to do today, not many (possibly none) have got done so far. On the other hand, while putting away the clean laundry, I was inspired to sort out a chest of drawers, and the cupboard at the foot of the white wardrobe.

I've now got half a dozen tops to go to charity, plus another half dozen removed from chest of drawers and stored away in a plastic bag. These are the ones I like, that I'll wear again when I've lost weight. I also bagged and stored some T-shirts of sentimental value, too faded or small to wear again - my (NO)DD Soc t-shirt, the Film Unit t-shirt that used my design (also I think with the motto - Film Unit do it in Graves', and my 'Awful Green Things From Outer Space' t-shirt. Sadly, I threw out the Jasper Fforde 'Something Rotten' promo t-shirt, because the design was not merely cracked and faded almost to invisibility, but the printing was coming off in little bits.

Clearing out the white wardrobe cupboard yielded five pairs of trousers to keep (only one of which really fits), four pairs for the bin, and six pairs of trousers and a long-forgotten cardigan for charity shops.

Surprisingly tiring work, but more room in the cupboards now :)


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30th Jun, 2008 14:13 (UTC)
Spring cleaning is so satisfying! :)

BTW, sorry I missed your visit the other Friday, I was out as I have a class on Friday.
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