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Here and There

A quiet weekend after a fairly busy week.  Later Fri afternoon, walked down the hill to Elton's and got my hair cut. It's three month since my last visit and it had lost its shape. Was really pleased to see it looking like a proper haircut again. Elton does a very good job of bringing out the maximum volume in my very fine hair, and using the natural wave to best advantage.
  After leaving Elton's, I stopped in at Wynsor's World of Shoes, which is a couple of doors down the road. The insoles of my trainers had previously torn and crumpled up. I had tried fixing them back down with glue, but it didn't work that well. In fact I had to stop partway down the hill as a bit of one insole had rolled up and made a lump under my foot, and had to be cut off. I need to have trainers at the moment, to support the foot that has plantar fasciitis.
   I noticed that among the ladies trainers, the near-football boot seems to be the new thing. Not only are they styled like football (soccer) boots, the soles have a degree of studding, rather than the usual trainer sole. They strike me as having more potential for causing damage and injury than a softer sole.
   Most of the trainers were rather gaudy for my taste - I'd rather draw attention to a pretty top, or jewellery, and don't want footwear that is a statement on its own. Besides, my  feet are relatively large in proportion to the rest of me, and trainers can be very bulky, making them look even larger. And white, or mostly so, trainers can soon look dingy. However I was pleased to find a pair of plain black slip-ons - almost like a loafter but with the shaped trainer sole for comfort and support. I blew a tenner on those, and headed off to the Hillsborough Hotel.

It was good to see folks, as I've not been to the pub since the Moon closed. I ordered the steak, with new potatoes and veg, which was very tasty. It was nice to get a decent selection of veg too, which isn't that common in pub food, where 'veg' tends to be chips and peas. I ended up in the conservatory with salmon_of_doubt and rhubarbtriangle, who helpfully tested me on European and African capital cities (at least, those where they could read my handwriting). As time isn't called at 11 now, it was half past 11 before I realized it, and I had to go catch a tram home.  I trammed to the university stop, then took a 52 for two stops to Weston Park Hospital. It's not far, but is uphill, and I was already tired and my leg hurt, so I figured it was worth 70p. I'd changed shoes in the pub, and dropped the old trainers in the bin at the pub tramstop. New ones felt good on the way home.

Still doing some tidying in the games room. Threw out Mike's 20 year old lecture notes (with his permission), and some of the old Mojo and Record Collector's that Steve gave me a while ago. Did some internet trawling last night and acquired half a dozen new icons. Just need an excuse to use them now :)


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