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A fitting solution

The storage crates I'd ordered from Wilkinsons arrived this morning. Other crates I've ordered have been delivered in rectangular boxes: this time I had a large cube. No problem getting it in the front door, as that's the original late Victorian one, and wide. However, it would only just squeeze though the door to my flat - or would have done, if I'd been able to open the door fully. However, the bookcase in the hall stops the door opening to 90 degrees. I had to open it and bring the crates in, then leave the box in the hall until I was ready to deal with it. I dismantled the box a couple of hours later, and sliced it into sections that would fit in the blue bin. I saved near on 50 yards of strong packing paper, lying streamers of the stuff along the landing as I smoothed and folded the sections.

I spent a chunk of the afternoon chatting on the phone with one of the production guys as Mastermind, following on from a half hour chat yesterday. We were discussing my 'little chat' with John Humphrys in the next recording, which as I suspected, will be about my specialized subject, Blakes 7. Michael was a fan of the show when it was first broadcast, and basically 'baggsied' the chance to be the researcher on this one. We did chat a lot about the show in the total 75 mins of the two calls. We talked about it being one of the first genre series to have story and character arcs, we discussed Blake, Vila, Avon and especially Servalan (I think Michael had a crush on her), conventions, my Sheriff Darrow westerns, and B7's relevence today, especially the questions it raises about freedom fighters and terrorists.
   We also wandering into discussing other shows, like the USA version of Life On Mars. Apparently, they started filming in Los Angeles, then decided it wasn't working, scrapped what they'd filmed, and moved the setting to New York, which seems like a good idea to me. And Colm Meaney has been cast as Gene Hunt, which I think could work.. On this side of the Atlantic, a new version of 'Survivors' is being filmed in Manchester.

The games room was rearranged this evening, with help from Iain B with the lifting and shifting. More stuff has been thrown out and more will go on Freecycle. There's still some tidying and organizing to do, and the carpet needs a good vacuuming, but there's a heck of a lot more floor space than before. I looked at it, and thought 'Ooo, there's enough room to set up all my Scalextric track'. Not permanently, as that would be a nuisance, but a large enough patch of floor to stage an evening of races sometime. Eeeee, it's lovely.



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26th Jun, 2008 03:03 (UTC)
A friend of mine mentioned Don Quixote recently, and I ended up with the "Man of La Mancha" song running through my head. But it kept mixing with a B7 filk of it I heard years ago.

The bit I recall offhand ran:

I am Blake, the commander of Ship Liberator,
the head of this desperate band.
And I'm out to demolish this vast Federation
with whatever means are at hand.

One of the verses:
Only one of my crew understands why I'm here,
all the rest are along for the ride.
And if I lose the fight then the burden will fall
on this Judas, who stands by my side...

And IIRC it ended with something like:
I am Blake the commander of Ship Liberator
Rebellion's the name of the game.
If my death as a martyr will help the rebellion
then I will go down in the flame.
And life will go on, just the same.
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