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This and That

I've been somewhat occupied with house-related stuff the last 3-4 days. There was my quarterly statement from the electricity company, which included charges for the new meter. The problem being that I paid for the meter with my credit card, and already have a card bill charging me for it. So had to call the electricity company, who admitted the error in puttin the charge on the bill, and have removed the charge.
  Also a letter from the Fair Rent people - Landlord has finally applied for his rent increase in the proper way (at the third attempt). Now I'm fairly sure that while the increase he's asked for isn't unreasonable, given how long it is since the last time the rent was set, it's still above the max increase allowed for a fair rent. I've tried to establish just how they work out the max increase, which involves changes in the RPI from the date of last registration to current application, plus a mystery figure set by law. I think this figure is 5%, but can't find out for sure, and when I asked the rent man, he wouldn't give a straight answer, but kept explaining how the final total was dependent on so many factors. In any case, as it's been nearly 5 years since the last rent rise, and the Landlord has installed 'central heating', the Rent Officer has decided to come and look at the place himself, which will be at the end of the month.

On a kind of related note, I was writing a message today in a card I'd bought in Castleton. I really liked the cards based on watercolours by Sheila Gill. She does lovely horses, cats, flowers and hares, as well as Derbyshire landscapes. Looking at the card today, I suddenly thought of the link Landlord includes on his email, and realized the artist I really like is his wife. Maybe a pre-emptive compliment on his wife's painting would be a good idea next time we meet.

Spent the first part of the afternoon packing a rather fragile item in a parcel, with Diesel getting in the way helping. Took it to the post office, then stopped at Beanies for fruit. They had bunches of orange lilies reduced to 50p each, so I bought two. They do look rather splendid.

Had a nice surprise just as I was about to go out to the shops. When the house was divided into flats, the water tanks for flat 2 ended up in what is now my bedroom - just a couple of feet from the end of the bed. Whenever Flat 2 run water, I get all the gurgling and sound of the tanks refilling. Normally, this isn't much of a problem, but the couple downstairs had been doing some sustained water use at around 1 in the morning. Not too much of a problem, as I'm usually still up then. The other night, however, there was sustained gurgling and noise from 3-4am. So the next morning, I knocked on their door, and explained about the tanks being in my bedroon, and consequently noisy. Ahmed and Nadia were very apologetic and sweet. Today, Nadia tapped on my door, and gave me a box of Quality Street chocolates, with a note of apology from them both. It was a lovely gesture, and just as nice, I got to have a chat with Nadia, and found out that they are from Libyia. The Landlord likes to have postgraduate international students for tenants. Previous occupants of flat 2 include a French eye specialist, a Chinese  biologist, Iranian physicist and an Italian who's subject I forget. Other nationalities living here have included a Brazilian (Miss Tania - microbiology), Austrian, Japanese, Nigerian and another African, plus one Irish, and a couple of other English. All quite adventurous for this old Victorian house.


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18th Jun, 2008 14:16 (UTC)
It's great to have decent neighbors.

Glad your landlord got his head out of his behind.
18th Jun, 2008 23:38 (UTC)

Previous occupants of flat 2 include [...]

And of course your good self, from Norfolk ;-)
19th Jun, 2008 00:26 (UTC)
I've never occupied flat 2. Only Flat 3.
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