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Quite a full day yesterday, which presumably is why I'm feeling so shattered today.

Met Ven and Jools in town at lunchtime to see the Vivienne Westwood exhibition at the millenium galleries. We all enjoyed the exhibition, and it was very hard not to touch some of the clothes. Quite a difference between the early stuff from her punk days, and the catwalk stuff - especially that inspired by traditional English styles, like hunting clothes. There was lots to see, and good information about each period, the social context and the inspiration. There were some very grand and fabulous ball gowns, some gloriously ridiculous cat walk stuff you couldn't imagine any real woman actually chosing to wear, and a handful of things that we agreed we wouid like to wear (if we'd had the right kind of size 10 figure). There were also some shoes to boggle at, including those platform monstrocities that Naomi Campell fell off during a catwalk. I'm surprised she didn't break her ankle.

After that, Jools left to pick up her son from school, and Ven and I went over the road to the library. Picked up a couple of things and then we got nicely soggy in the rain, heading for the Dove and Rainbow, which is the favoured haunt of Ven's other half, Matt. We stopped at Coopland on the way for pasties, as they don't mind you eating your own food in the pub. The current management have done a pretty good job of creating a 70's rock dive feel to the place. They had two decent ciders on tap, so I had a half of Old Rosie with my lamb and mint pasty. Matt joined us, and we chatted for a while before splitting up.

Caught the tram to Hillsborough and had my Someone Else's Problem Field on, so didn't get asked for a fare. Dropped in on soul_rider and family, as haven't seen them in ages. Had a good chat, admired the work in the garden and helped root out a few snails. EV insisted that snails don't fly, but they do a good impression if you throw them hard enough :) Shared tea with them, then E gave me a lift home, with the large cat scratching post and platform arrangement. In return, I gave him a drop-leaf table and an acoustic guitar. We got the table down the stairs in my attic by ourselves, but I called on the obliging and muscular Anthony in flat 1 to help Ed get it down the second flight and into his car.

A good day, and nice to see friends.

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