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Gone to pot

I decided not to do any Mastermind revision today. Well, I'll still be working on African Capital Cities on and off, but nothing new. I think the idea was to catch up with some things I've been putting off.

So far, the main achievement has been to deal with the pot of three that Edy gave me for my birthday last year. It had a white flowering heather, an azalea and a dwarf rhododenron (at least, I hope it's a dwarf). All three have flourished, and so I finally got around to putting each one in a separate pot. The heather has stayed in the pretty blue glazed pot they originally came in, and I washed the white marble chippings and put them back as mulch. They've done a good job of keeping the weeds out of that pot anyway, which is more than I can say about the state of the other pots in the garden. The rhododenron is a little leggy, and may be pruned to make it bushier. I have no idea how big it intends to grow but I suspect it of having plans to usurp the Great White Hebe as the biggest thing in the front garden. I shall have to watch it.

Some other things would probably appreciate bigger pots, notably the orange azalea, the pink hebe and the bronze grasses, which could happily be split again. Anyone want a decorative, bronze grass ? I already have two.

Must also Do Something about the central patch. I suspect at least two small trees growing there, and possibly yet another purple hebe. Anyone want a purple hebe with purple-tinged leaves ? Guaranteed to be as tough as old boots.


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