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Repeat as before

Got an email from the Landlord today re rent increase. He emailed me back in about Feb, saying he wanted the rent to increase from the beginning of April. so would I please increase it then to £xxx.xx/month.
  Well, I have a protected tenancy, and the rent is set via the Rent Service with applications and Official Forms and the like. A simple email isn't enough, so I checked with the Rent Service. They said Haven't Heard Anything From Your Landlord, therefore Email Is Not Valid.

So I ignored Landlord's email. End of April, he inquired why I hadn't paid the increase at the beginning of the month. I told him he needed to make a proper application to have the Fair rent increased via Rent Service.


Today, I got an email with an attatchment. It's a document supplied by the Residential Landlords Association, and it's a form for proposing a new rent for an Assured tenancy. Nothing to do with the Rent Service, and not valid for tenants with a regulated tenancy (Like what I've got). I called the Rent Service to check, and they said Form Is Not Valid, Landlord Needs A RR1 From Us. So I've just emailed Landlord to tell him this, and helpfully supplied the phone number of the Rent Service.

I told Landlord he needed to go via the Rent Service, and he's dealt with them in the past. He knows perfectly well I have a Fair Rent - he's applied for increases through the Fair Rent system in the past. Why on earth has he been faffing around with useless forms ? Does he really hate the Rent Service so much because they only upped the rent by half of what he'd hoped for after doing up the flat four years ago ? Well tough. I don't have to take notice of anything that doesn't come through them. He's not actually asking for an unreasonable increase, though the Fair Rent people may set it lower, if I object (or they may raise the rent above the increase he's asking for- they're damned difficult to predict). But I want my rent registered and protected properly.



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2nd Jun, 2008 13:33 (UTC)
You'd have thought it would be easier for him to just go to the rent service!
3rd Jun, 2008 00:53 (UTC)
You would, wouldn't you ?

*scratches head*
4th Jun, 2008 20:43 (UTC)
I ask myself questions like that every day. People seem to do what they think will make their life easier though, if they stopped to think about it, they'd realize that they're only going to make things ten times more time consuming than if they did it right the first time.

It hasn't ever and probably will never make sense to me. ::sigh::
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