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Rockets and whips

Yesterday I ventured out in the mist to meet soul_rider and offspring at Weston Park Museum for the Space Age exhibition. We'd both forgotten it is half-term, so there were more kids around than expected, but it was nothing like as busy as when I visited on opening day. We had a good time looking at the exhibits, especially the toys, and I tested EV on which Star Wars characters she could recognise. They had some great costumes for children to dress up in - rather 50's sci-fi style, with lots of silver. Sadly, EV wasn't in a dressing up mood, and couldn't even be pursuaded into a shiny black outfit that was obviously an Evil Overlord costume. An insider later told me that when the costumes had been unpacked, members of staff had wished they'd been in adult sizes too, as they wanted to try them on.
   We pottered around the rest of the museum. There's a new any colony, but we noticed there were few filled cells in the bee hive, and lots of dead bees in the pipe leading to the outside world. Apparently the queen has died, and so the hive is dying off while the museum is trying to get hold of a new colony. It's a shame, as the bee and ant colonies are great.
  I spent 20p to watch the drunk mechanical birds sway against one another, which is my favourite thing in the whole museum. I think they're meant to be huddling together for warmth, but they look like they're pissed out of their heads, and leaning on one another while saying "You're my besht friend, ever."
  I saw a father enticing his toddler daughter to come closer to the stuffed polar bear. When she did, Dad lunged at her with a roar, and she ran away squealing. Ah, Dads.

The first lecture of my archaeology course at the University was run by Robin Denell. He started by giving us two pages of archaeological terms and their definitions, sub-headed 'Don't Panic (in large, friendly letters)'. The first slide he showed us was of Indiana Jones, with whip. and he told us we could forget any ideas of archaeology being like this.
   Last night, I went to see the new Indy movie, and reflected that in my (limited) experience, archaeology was certainly nothing like Indiana Jones' version. Just as well really. I enjoyed the movie and had a nice night out. The poor Virgin/Vue/cineworld is looking a bit shabby these days. I noticed tiles missing from the cubicle in the loo, and it seems to have lost its glamour. Sad, when I remember the official opening night, and how glossy it all was (and the free pick n mix - Film Unit went at it like vultures).


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18th Jun, 2008 20:41 (UTC)
that's too bad that the adult costumes weren't any bigger. I would've wanted to try it on too.
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