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My desk just got a little nerdier.

On the filing cabinet next to the desk, I have a sheet of US Star Wars stamps and a minifigs Rebel Pilot card, both held in place by a Wedge Antilles magnet, plus the  tag from my Farscape plushie DRD, which is held by a Circle X Ranch Johnny West magnet.
    In front of the printer is a 12" Wedge doll, and on the right edge of the desk are two of the splendid Applause 10" Wedge figures, that actually look like Denis Lawson.
   To right front of the monitor is the replica of the Corgi Liberator in the plastic bubble that came with the boxed DVD set of the third (or fourth) season of Blakes 7.
  To right back is the 8"long model snowspeeder I built from the kit, and painted with Wedge's name instead of Luke's (with Wes Janson's name by the rear seat.
   On top of the monitor is the 25mm Rebel Pilot minifig, that I should repaint so he has Wedge's helmet design, and behind that is a 4" articulated Wedge firgure.

(On the drawers to the right, I also have a repainted Kenner X-wing from the 70's/80's and three12" long model kit X-wings (mostly missing laser cannons). One is greyish with red detail, one off-white with orange/red markings and one is in Wedge's personal colours of black with green and gold checks. There's also an unmade kit in box I got off ebay a few months ago. And the plushie DRD

The new item ?

This one's an original Corgi Liberator I got off e-bay, that arrived this morning (by Royal Mail, before you ask, not under its own power). It's now hanging under the desklamp, so it's nicely spotlighted. It hadn't arrived after about three weeks, so I queried the seller. He'd thought he'd sent it, but found it where it had fallen down the back of a drawer, apparently. He sent it the next day, with apologies.

Of course, all this sci-fi stuff is rather overwhelmed by the collection of toy horses and action figures on the high shelves around the room.


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14th May, 2008 23:58 (UTC)
If you ever see a Liberator X-mas ornament, let me know. (Or a model of a scale that would look reasonable perched on a branch. How big is the Corgi one?) I've been collecting spaceship ornaments for years (mostly the Hallmark Star Trek and Star Wars ones) and recently added to the collection ornament versions of Serenity, Inara's shuttle, and a Reaver ship.

I'm contemplating getting a black X-mas tree with white lights, and decorating it only in spaceships, with balls painted to look like planets.

Edited at 2008-05-15 00:08 (UTC)
15th May, 2008 00:58 (UTC)
The Corgi Liberator is 3" long.

I was considering adding mine to my Xmas tree, following the inspiration of Vilakins, who has spaceships and planet baubles on hers. The best pics are on her lj entry of 16th Dec 2006. Your idea's even more geeky though.
15th May, 2008 03:48 (UTC)
Hee, she beat me to it, but I started with the Liberator and glass balls that look a little like gas giants, and I now have Red Dwarf and Babylon 5 ships too. They're all about the same size, 3 - 6 inches, and the 'planets' are bigger. Balls that really look like planets would be so cool. The wooden ones would be easier to paint.

I have pics here and here.
15th May, 2008 03:42 (UTC)
I have an original Corgi Liberator, bought with the B7 Marvel mags! One of its prongs is a bit fragile so it's safe under a clear dome from one of the DVD sets while the one that came with that is displayed with my B7 pipecleaner crew.
15th May, 2008 09:16 (UTC)
How did you get the dome open ? did you cut it with a craft knife ?

I had a terrible time getting the slipcover and dome free from the DVDs. The slipcover got a bit battered around the edges of the hole.
15th May, 2008 09:33 (UTC)
[looks at it] I cut it round the edge of the 'floor' to extract the ship. The dome's intact though, so I don't think I had any trouble removing it; the slip cover's fine too.
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